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Kanye West may have killed the “Good Ass Job” title for his next album but his peers aren’t afraid to share their struggles with an old fashioned 9-5.

In an article for The Village Voice several NY rappers share what it was like at their worst summer jobs. For example, the rotund Fat Joe put his weight to work as a security guard at a sneaker store. I can only imagine that he was protecting those kicks from himself because his sneaker fetish is world renowned.

“I always caught kids, cause I used to boost myself so I already knew how to catch ’em,” Joe said of his days at Flavor Shoes on Fordham Road. “I’d look for certain moves, like this guy’s really not gonna buy this $100 pair of sneakers. We also used to play spades and whoever lost used to have to go and walk to get the food.”

Prince Paul, El-P, Joell Ortiz, and Tanya Morgan’s Von Pea and Donwill all share their stories of working at McDonald’s, UPS and even a lipstick factory! Click over to for a good laugh. Just make sure you do it on your lunch break.


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