There are dozens, maybe hundreds of songs by female MCs that have earned their place in hip-hop history. But sometimes it’s not a whole song, just a verse, 8 to 16 bars that serve as defining moments for that MC.

Sometimes they’re going toe-to-toe with a bunch of other men, other times with their sistren and even dolo. Here are some of our favorites from around the office. What is your favorite verse from a female MC?

9. Bahamadia “Proceed 3”

I love the way she weaves in all of those song titles throughout her verse.

Quotable: “Eargasmatic, from distortion to statics/automatic/systematic/I’m nasty at it/so hand me the five microphones like you did Illmatic.”

8. Nicki Minaj “Up All Night”

We had to show the rookies some love and several Drake heads have pinged me about this verse on his debut album. She actually lost her train of thought, had you hanging on empty air and then said “fixate.”

Quotable: “On a diet but I do donuts in the six speed”

7. Rah Digga, “Tight” (Remix)

There is something in the water in Jersey giving birth to Rah, La and Lauryn but Digga Digga earned her place on this list with either the original verse or the one from the remix.

Quotable: “Tighter than pumps on fat ladies/Flows like the liquid in the IVs stuck in crack babies”

6. Queen Latifah, “Wanna Be Down Remix”

On one of the smoothest female rap songs ever Latifah managed to stand out even from her peers.

Quotable: “Skip the Moet and let’s chill with some Alize”

5.Remy Ma, “Yeah, Yeah, Yeah”

After Pun she was clearly the best MC in Terror Squad (sorry Joe) and this verse is one reason why. It’s a shame they couldn’t’ keep this team together.

Quotable: “You got skill but your face look like Emmett Till”

4. MC Lyte “Self Destruction”

Arguably the best verse on the song (even if the rumors that LL Cool J wrote it are true.)

Quotable: “You ain’t guardin the door/so what you gotta gun for?”

3. Foxy Brown “I Shot Ya Remix”

Pharaohe Monch told the girls to rub on their t*tties but it was way sexier when Foxy gave her mammary command. However, she sent all the thugs runnin for the clinic with her quotable..

Quotable: “Sexin raw dog without protection/disease infested”

2. Lil Kim “Quiet Storm” Remix

She paid homage to MC Lyte and sent a few shots at Foxys way all at the same time.

Quotable: “I’m a leader/ya’ll on some following shit, comin in this game on some modelin shit…”

1. Lauryn Hill, “Zealots”

It’s hard to pin down just one verse from L-Boogie but this is one that really established her as a rewind-worthy lyrical monster.

Quotable: “After all my logic and my theory/ I add a motherfucker so you ig’nant niggas hear me.”


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