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When Fat Joe’s latest album, The Dark Side, debuted selling  11,180 units 50 Cent continued his on-going beef with the Bronx rapper by  creating a youtube video mocking the Don Cartegena.

In an interview with Vlad TV Joey Crack responded by noting that 50 should be more concerned with his own declining sales noting that he has lost “9.5 million fans. He went from selling 10 million records to barely going gold. The economy is bad but he isn’t making good music. The reason that Fat Joe and Ross are still around is that we’re making good music.”

Joe went on to say that he’s never seen someone make a classic album and fall off so hard. He also corrected the figures 50 quoted saying that he sold 12,000 units as an independent artist, not 5,000.

Watch the full clip below.


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