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Every summer there is that one song that everybody goes nuts over, lovingly referred to as the anthem of the summer. Here are the summer anthems of the 2000s!

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2000 – Aaliyah “Try Again”

This jam taken from the film, Romeo Must Die, was ubiquitous during the summer of 2000!  One of Timbaland’s finest beats, and one of Aaliyah’s best songs!

2001 – R. Kelly “Fiesta” (feat. Jay-Z)

R. Kelly had yet to be dogged with accusations of child pornography when this song came and ruled the summer!

2002 – Nelly “Hot In Herre”

Nelly had everyone taking off their clothes in the summer of 2002 whenever this song came on!

2003 – Beyoncé “Crazy In Love” (feat. Jay-Z)

If you were a girl, you were probably doing the booty dance that Beyoncé did in this video whenever you went out to a club in the summer of 2003.  It’s ok.  You can admit it.

2004 – Terror Squad “Lean Back”

Fat Joe and crew came, saw, and conquered the summer of 2004 with this undeniable banger.

2005 – Three Six Mafia “Stay Fly”

Three Six Mafia repped hard for the south and had everyone stuttering along to the chorus of this song in 2005!

2006 – Gnarls Barkley “Crazy”

Definitely one of the most peculiar of summer anthems, Gnarls Barkley’s “Crazy” had the whole world going… well… Crazy.

2007 – T-Pain “Buy U A Drank (Shawty Snappin)”

This song solidified T-Pain’s role as a hit maker during the late 2000’s, and probably resulted in a lot of young ladies being bought a drank or two.

2008 – Lil’ Wayne “A Milli”

If you made it through the summer of 2008 without hearing “A Milli,” you probably were dead.

2009 – Drake “Best I Ever Had”

You may not have liked the video, but enough people liked this song that it was easily THE song of Summer 2009!

2010 – Rick Ross “B.M.F. (Blowin’ Money Fast)”

As the this year’s summer begins to draw as a close, it’s safe to say that Officer Ricky’s “B.M.F.” easily  had this summer on lock. Even if you never left your house all season, you probably heard someone drive past blasting this in their car.

2011- Ace Hood, Lil’ Wayne, Rick Ross “Hustle Hard”

The summer anthem of 2011 belongs to Ace Hood, Rick Ross and Lil’ Wanye. The trio comes together over the Lex Luger beat delivering fiery lyrics and inspiration quotes like “closed mouth’s don’t get fed on this boulevard!” This song could get the party started anywhere!

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