Every now and then an artist or group comes out with great music that we love, then they disappear for whatever reasons. All we can do is miss them and wish they’d come back. So here goes our list of celebs we want to make another album or single at least!

7. Cassidy

Last Album: B.A.R.S: The Barry Adrian Reese Story(2007)

With all the watered-down rhymes flooding mainstream radio it would be nice to hear some of Cassidy’s clever wordplay and hardcore lyrics.

Im A Hustla

6. Ja Rule

Last Album: R.U.L.E(2004)

I don’t know about you guys, but I loved Ja Rule and his singing/rapping sound. Too bad 50 Cent ruined his career then stole the same idea that he criticized (Don’t worry Ja, we want to see you back!)

Down For You

5. Eve

Last Album: Eve-Olution(2002)

The Pitbull in a skirt tried to make a comeback in 2007 with “Tambourine” but it wasn’t very successful. There is a lack of the female presence in the rap game and Eve’s tough girl steez is heavily missed.

Gotta Man

4. City High

Last Album: City High(2001)

I know City High broke up, but they made positive, upbeat and fun music. It’s a long shot wishing they would come back but what this game needs is more soulful music like City High’s “What Would You Do?”. Not to mention Claudette Ortiz is hot!


3. Da Band

Last Album: Too Hot For TV(2003) (Last and only album)

Believe it or not the members of Da Band were actually talented (minus Dylan). They were hood, hungry and made a pretty good rap group with help from Sara’s vocals. They go down in history for being the only group on Bad Boy to disband themselves!

Bad Boy This Bad Boy That


Last Album: Alter Ego(2006)

Talk about underrated! Tyrese can sing his a** off and looks wonderful doing it. He’s a talented actor and model. I like him better as a singer and hope he can juggle all his talents better; that way we can get another album out of him.

Sweet Lady

1.Donell Jones

Last Album: Journey Of A Gemini(2006)

Donell Jones made his mark in the industry  with his hit “Where I Wanna Be” but long before he was singing he was writing. Writing songs like Usher’s “Think Of You” and 702’s “Get It Together.” Donell Jones Where I Wanna Be album is a classic and still resides as one of the best R&B albums ever!(Yeah I said it!) Come back Donell!

Where I Wanna Be

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