We have speculated long and hard; squinting closely at clips and cropped photos of a black girl lost to the porn industry. While Laurence Fishburne is still wrapping his brain around the thought of his daughter performing private acts for the public to see, we took the liberty in screening the sex vid, so you don’t have to ( “Hov did that so hopefully y’all don’t have to go through that”).

It hasn’t been released to the public yet but we know places, that know places that specialize in that kind of video.

As I sat down in a secluded area to screen said movie for work, I set aside my biased opinion about Montana being too young for the porn industry and my belief that she couldn’t gyrate her way out of a hula hoop.

Immediately you are greeted by a lyrically challenged Brian Pumper whose rhymes are as dull as his backstroke. In the midst of a low budget music video you will find Montana aka Chippy D with her perfectly manicured nails (not very porn like) curly tresses and pink with purple lingerie dancing off-beat in the background. B.Pumper is building  the anticipation of seeing Montana’s performance with his latest track that I care not to give a name. Chippy D’s smile reassures us that she is just as juvenile as we thought.

Right when you’re tempted to fast forward, Chippy D exposes the signature blemishes on her backside that left the world calling her “cigarette butt”(get it?). It was kind of like watching someone get hit by a car, you want to turn away but you just can’t.

By the way if, if the thought that she is Laurence Fishburne’s daughter is still lingering in your head then the next scene isn’t for you.

I’ll say this–she and Superhead have never met, in fact I don’t even think Superhead could help this girl. It takes about twenty minutes of Brian Pumper instructing the novice on how to stand, where to lean and how to move for the movie to be fully underway. By that time you’re turned completely off by B.Pumper’s costume jewelery and squeaky voice.

Chippy D isn’t bad to look at, she’s a change up from your typical porn star showered in body oil, fishnet tights, stretch marks and too much make-up. She’s teen like- hence her age–which starts to roar its inexperienced head round the thirty minute mark(maybe she should have watched Ciara’s “Ride It” video before that scene). She has energy, I’ll tell you that much–Brian just laid there like Kim Kardashian. He seemed to be more worried about how he looked on camera than catching Montana’s booty bounces.

For such a beginner Montana completes multiple positions and accomplishes a very important porn trick(I’ll leave that for you to find out!).

All in all, as we predicted, the Montana Fishburne porno was dry (pun intended!) and all types of wack. Brian Pumper needs to stop rapping and most of all stop telling jokes.

Montana Fishburne should gather what little dignity she has left, admit she made a mistake and patch up things with your dad Montana, cause porn is not for you!

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