After Kat Stack’s vagina claimed another victim (Soulja Boy) we were wondering why any celebrity or person would go within 3 feet of her. 

We thought of 9 reasons why Kat Stacks would be doable…

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9. She’s Been Neutured

This was the recovery period after she was neutered.

Celebs can have sex with her all they want without worrying about having off-spring.

8. She Can Run In Heels

Men love a women with a “Mean shoe game, who’s up on S.Dot and Vera Wang” but she has to have a mean walk to go along with it– Kat Stacks can RUN in heels so she has a head up on the competition(get it– Head up [laughs])

7. She’s Gangsta

She has a criminal record.

And comes at rappers more than 50 Cent.

“This ain’t Chuckee Cheese m*therf*cker”

“I been in the streets since I was 15”

“Real Recognize Real”

You’ll feel safe in her arms.

6. She Can Take Shots With The Best Of Em’

What man doesn’t want to sit down and have a drink with their lady, even if she grabs the the bottle and guzzles it. Kat Stacks guzzles like a pro!

5. Her Bangs

We believe she has a second mouth under her bangs.

4. Her Body

Besides the terribly fake implants, Kat kind of, almost, maybe, a little bit has a “nice body”

3. She Can Put A Spark In Any Music Career

Just ask Chopper:

2. She Can Take A Hit

Slap her, punch her, beat her down and she will get back up!

1. She Has That Bomb A** P***y

This may be a long shot but we’re thinking that after all the sh*t we talk about Kat Stacks that maybe she just has that good ol’ snap back!

All this or she turns into Superhead at Midnight. Could it be that they’re the same people and Supherhead has found another way to infiltrate the rap world{GASP}?

Superhead Changed The World And Kat Stacks Hates

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