Kat Stacks is back to her Twitter thuggin’ days but rather than defend her promiscuous ways, she’s defending her new booty. Kat recently tweeted about surgery and left her fans followers wondering what in the world the WorldStar Hip Hop model could be referring to-that is, until she debuted her new cakes to  the […]

Kat Stacks (nee Andrea Herrera) may have told XXL that she’s no longer the groupie she used to be, but the government is still planning to ship her back from whence she came. That is, unless the Obama administration steps in to save the day. A new report has confirmed that Kat Stacks’ mama has […]

Presumably shared by way of a texts from a prepaid cell phone that were subsequently posted by one of her friends, Kat Stacks is speaking from behind the cell to confirm what many had long said about her: She’s a liar. That is, specifically in the case of Soulja Boy, whom she tried to paint […]

Young Money’s former personal groupie Kat Stacks has allegedly been deported back to Venezuela! “Her last immigration hearing was held on June 21, 2011 and the judge ordered removal/deportation. She took to her Twitter to speak her mind on what her next move is, saying “ima keep appealing my case until these b*tches release me.” […]

The following music video of Sidney Starr shows more than just how untalented she is, but proves that she was born a man. The record is a diss towards Kat Stacks but at the end displays Sidney’s birth certificate, after operation care documents and baby photos.

Here we were thinking after Soulja Boy called Kat Stacks the “scum of the earth” that he hated her; we were sadly mistaken. Soulja Boy on KYSDC not only seems like he is coked up during the interview but said that he loves…I repeat LOVES, Kat Stacks!

Sorry to all the rappers who celebrated early; Kat Stacks is back!

Oh, Kat Stacks I surely hope they deport your a** so we don’t have to talk about you anymore.

Our friends at 97.9 The Box in Houston were paid a special visit by Soulja Boy who addressed just about every issue you could imagine!

When Kat Stacks was arrested this past Friday, there was a nearly audible sigh of relief in the hip-hop industry.

It’s time to start thinking about Halloween costumes if you haven’t already. There are a ton of celebrities this year to dress up as. Here’s our top 9 list:

The 22.5 annual Thatsby Awards were held at a secret location this weekend and several your favorite internet characters such as Sideny Star, Kat Stacks, 50 Tyson, Waka Flocka and Antoine Dodson all were nominated for awards. Every week we select our pick of the hottest content from today’s entertainment & arts movers & shakers. […]