Kat Stacks (nee Andrea Herrera) may have told XXL that she’s no longer the groupie she used to be, but the government is still planning to ship her back from whence she came.

That is, unless the Obama administration steps in to save the day. A new report has confirmed that Kat Stacks’ mama has requested help from the Obama administration to postpone her deportation temporarily. Yes, really.

NBC’s Miami affiliate reports:

Herrera’s Miami lawyer is appealing the order, as her mother, Johnyelsi Cardenas, fights to get her daughter a green card and ultimately citizenship. She said the same Obama administration policy that is helping young immigrants defer deportation for two years should help Herrera, 22.

“Kat Stacks is a character. That persona is not my daughter,” said Cardenas, who has custody of Herrera’s two-year-old son.

Cardenas said she wants her daughter to have the same immigration path as Daniela Pelaez, the North Miami Senior High School valedictorian who was allowed to remain in the U.S. under a presidential executive order.

“All that she went through on the street, she created that person, Kat, to survive,” Cardenas said.

Immigration Judge Jerry Beatmann Sr. ruled in Louisiana, however, that “her conduct was in no way indicative of someone who wants to help others, make

positive changes, or be a role model.”

The judge said that it’s not in the country’s best interest to adjust Herrera’s immigration status, and thus denied her an adjustment.

Immigration attorney Jose Guerrero said it was a fair decision.

“I don’t consider that it’s an abuse of discretion based on the facts. Basically this person had two convictions,” he said. Beatmann also considered other factors such as that Herrera was “impersonating a person on the Internet and using that not to help people – actually to promote herself – and doing wrong things,” Guerrero noted.


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