Presumably shared by way of a texts from a prepaid cell phone that were subsequently posted by one of her friends, Kat Stacks is speaking from behind the cell to confirm what many had long said about her: She’s a liar. That is, specifically in the case of Soulja Boy, whom she tried to paint as a coke head. Yes, Kat Stacks tweeted shots of what looked like coke, no cola in the hotel bathroom where they got together to do the adult. Now, Kat says it was all a farce intended to get attention.

She tweeted:

World I have something to tell yall, some might hate me for it but im gonna clean some dirty laundry

Those weren’t lines of cocaine in the @souljaboy video, it was crushed up Advil pills

Me & some n*ggas staged the shower scene after @souljaboy left

Even though I was influenced by others around me & didn’t do it alone, I take full responsibility

She also added:

The truth shall set you free

Only God can judge me

I already made my peace with God & the person I hurt as long as im good with them I don’t care what anybody else thinks & even so, God doesn’t judge us he loves us. He just makes us reflect on our mistakes & guide us to do better

Your past doesn’t make who you are today, you have the choice to build a brighter future & achieve greatness

Well, look who’s been sent some Iyanla Vanzant books.


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