Even though hip-hop has become modern day pop music, it’s still quite the WTF moment when a hip-hop artist teams up with a teenybopper pop star.  Over the years, there have been no shortage of these sort of Hood-meets-Suburbia collaborations, and with differing results.

Some of them have are bonafide classics, and some of them were ideas that were doomed from inception (no DiCaprio).

And don’t worry, when that Kanye West/Raekwon/Justin Bieber song drops, we’ll be sure to let you know our opinion!

Katy Perry & Snoop Dogg “California Girls” (2010)

Former Christian music singer Katy Perry walked away from the old rugged cross a few years ago and pretended like she’d never read the Book of Leviticus before when she hit big with her song “I Kissed A Girl.”  This summer, Perry’s landed another hit single with “California Girls,” which features everyone’s favorite pimpin Crip, Snoop Dogg.

We can’t front that the song is rather catchy, but it’s rather odd seeing Snoop “Murder Was The Case That They Gave Me” Dogg in this cotton candy world rapping over next Katy Perry.

Eminem “Won’t Back Down” (feat. Pink) (2010)

For all of his anti-pop sentiments from early in his career, it was both rather funny and sad when we found out that Eminem had recorded songs with both Pink and Rihanna for his new album.  The end result wasn’t as bad as we expected, at least concerning the Pink collab.  That Rihanna song that everyone’s tripping over themselves about is another story for another day…

Britney Spears & The Ying Yang Twins “I Got That Boom Boom” (2003)

How this one slipped under the radar, we’ll never know.  America’s pop princess teamed up with the “Wait’ll you see my d*ck” guys for this album track from her In The Zone album.  It’s not as bad as you’d think.

Christina Aguilera & Redman “Dirrty” (2002)

Christina Aguilera encountered a lot of controversy when the video for her collaboration with Redman was released, and it wasn’t because she had teamed up with the legendary weed aficionado. It was moreso due to the rather raunchy video that accompanied the song.  The song wasn’t a huge hit for Aguilera, and Redman seemed to phone his part in.

Pink & Redman “Get The Party Started” (Sweet Dreams Remix) (2001)

A year before he teamed up with Christina Aguilera, Redman hopped on this Rockwilder remix to Pink’s smash hit single “Get The Party Started.” We weren’t mad at this back in 2001, and we aren’t too mad at it now.

The Jonas Brothers & Common “Don’t Charge Me For The Crime” (2009)

This track seemed to come out of nowhere.  The Jonas Brothers somehow managed to get Common to guest on their song “Don’t Charge Me For The Crime.”  This track did nothing to win back fans that Rashid lost with his Finding Forever and Universal Mind Control albums.

MOP & LFO “Life Is Good” (2001)

Usually when the topic of hip-hop/pop collaborations come up, this infamous pairing of the squeaky clean LFO with the only rappers we’re genuinely scared of will be the first song mentioned.  And rightfully so.  This song made absolutely no sense to anyone when it dropped in 2001, and makes even less in 2010.  It’s also worth noting that the Lyte Funky Ones also collaborated with De La Soul on the same album in which this song

MOP & Victoria Beckham (aka Posh Spice of the Spice Girls) “It’s That Simple” (2003)

Speaking of the Mash Out Posse, in 2003 Dame Dash had them record this song with Victoria Beckham, former Spice Girl and wife of British football (read: soccer) star David Beckham.  The song never made it much further than a white label 12″, and with good reason. It sucks.  It’s that simple.

Backstreet Boys & Pusha T “The Call” (Neptunes Remix) (2001)

Before he and Malice were spitting coke tales on their Lord Willin’ album, Pusha T was making guest appearances on songs like the Neptunes’ remix of the Backstreet Boys’ “The Call.”  The song is hot…. until the Backstreet Boys start singing.

N*Sync & Nelly “Girlfriend” (Remix) (2002)

N*Sync went out with a bang with the remix to “Girlfriend,” their final single as a group. Produced by the Neptunes, Justin Timberlake and crew got Nelly to bless their swan song with a verse.

New Kids On The Block & Nice & Smooth “Dirty Dawg” (1994)

The New Kids grabbed Nice & Smooth for their last single before they broke up. The video was actually banned in Canada because of it’s “misogynistic themes” and suggested violence. Too bad the song wasn’t banned worldwide.

Madonna & 2Pac “Rather Be Your Lover” (unreleased) (1994)

2Pac and Madonna had a brief fling in 1994 that resulted in Pac recording a verse for Madonna’s then upcoming album, Bedtime Stories. Pac’s ensuing legal issues resulted in Madonna, who was trying to soften her image up a bit, to pull Pac off the song and replace him with Meshell Ndegeocello, who was signed to Madonna’s label at the time. Both versions of the song aren’t bad at all.

The Fat Boys & The Beach Boys “Wipeout” (1987)

The year is 1987 and The Fat Boys were starting to crossover to pop audiences. What better way to seal their status as pop stars than to collaborate with one of the biggest acts in classic pop music, The Beach Boys.


Mariah Carey & Ol’ Dirty Bastard “Fantasy” (Remix) (1995)

Mariah Carey’s made some of the best pop/hip-hop collaborations ever. Her songs with Bone Thugs N Harmony, Mobb Deep, Da Brat, Mase, and Nas were all hits.  It all started with this classic and odd pairing with Wu-Tang’s Ol’ Dirty Bastard.

“Me and Mariah go back like babies and pacifiers…”

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