Dear Ask The Black Man,

I was having a friendly debate with my wife on who does more work between the sheets. Of course I think that that man does most of the work but my wife begs to differ. I want to get your perspective on this. Who do you think puts in the most work?


The Black Man:

Hi Alex,

There is not one answer to this because it all depends on what you are doing between the sheets. If a couple is prone to just doing the missionary position I would probably say the man is doing most of the work,even though a woman can be very active in that position. I have had conversations with many men who feel that they are doing most of the work in that position because a lot (not all) women tend to just lay there.

On the flip side (no pun intended) if the woman is on top most time in a cowgirl or reverse cowgirl position she is more prone to be doing most of the work, even though a man can be very active from the bottom as well.

Of course there are many other positions and fetishes that can be done in bed, it just depends on what you are doing in bed and what you are into to determine the balance of the workload.

Lastly, the work can extend outside of the bed in creating an ambiance for if you are into any role-play activities; if so you may want to keep that in mind as well when you are having this debate. Some situations can take a lot of thought, time, and effort.

At the end of day you both should be concerned on pleasing each other rather than being concerned with who is doing most of the work.

Thanks my 99 Cents Worth,


Classic scene from “Boomerang” Who does all the work?


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