Amber Rose is trending on Twitter for some comments she recently made in TIME Magazine.

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The first round of the 2015 Democratic presidential debates are about to kick off, but one Democrat who isn’t worried about snagging a seat in the White House anymore is President Obama. With the end of his 2-term presidency is nearing its’ end, the POTUS had no qualms about taking light-hearted approach to publicly addressing […]


Wow and more wow! Chris Brown sat down with Sway of  MTV News and spoke very openly and intelligently about his own experiences in dealing with domestic abuse and how to move forward once something like this happens. We must say, Breezy shocked us with his honesty on this topic. Take a look at what Chris […]

Kandi Burruss wants to help men enhance their “super powers.” In 2012 the singer, songwriter and reality TV star launched a line of intimacy enhancers called Bedroom Kandi. Since today is her birthday and the best kind of sex is birthday sex, we wanted to share Kandi’s advice for men wanting to use a toy […]

[ooyala code=”x5Z2EzNTo44GXiOze-b-h-HKadoq9gHq”] In his book Fatherhood:Rising To The Ultimate Challenge NBA player Etan Thomas gathers the stories of men like Talib Kweli, Taye Diggs, Ice Cube and Rev. Al Sharpton to shed light on the obstacles and triumphs of being a father. For this interview with the devoted father of three shares what it […]

Q: Are Social Media tools like Twitter taking the place of the celebrity publicist? Arie Says… Of course not, on the contrary! Publicists are excited about the opportunities social media outlets such as Facebook, twitter, Instagram and tumbler offer to their clients. Social media has become such a powerful tool that publicists and apprentices alike […]

Arie, In today’s market, how important is it for an indie artist to get a record played on Radio as opposed to a video on the most popular blogs? My artist is incredible and I want to start building his career nationally but I’m hoping with a record on the radio here in Atlanta, I can get […]

Ayo Arie, I’ve been sending people my music through email and been receiving mad responses asking me to remove contacts and s%#t from my list. What should I do? – Amhir My question for you: Are you spamming people? [Laughing] Please keep in mind, if each person you “share” your music with, didn’t voluntarily give […]

In this first part of their interview with the four members of Jagged Edge tell us who their celebrity crushes are and sing a little something for their fans! RELATED POSTS: 10 Valentines Day Break-Up Songs Ghostface Killah’s Valentines Day Words Of Wisdom Mashonda Launches New Website For Lovers FROM OUR PARTNERS The Top […]

As a celebrity hairstylist, Barry Fletcher has tamed the mane of beautiful celebrities such as Halle Berry, Tina Turner, Mary J Blige, Chaka Khan and Patti LaBelle, just to name a few. His first book, Why Are Black Women Losing Their Hair?, dealt with what was literally on Black Women’s minds, how to properly care […]

Dear Ask The Black Man, My boyfriend and I are expecting a child soon. We love each other but recently I decided to end our relationship. We live far from each other and we haven’t really been talking lately. He asked me to move in with him but I want to get my life together […]

Dear Ask The Black Man, Why is that married men don’t wear their wedding rings? This occurs especially with men in high profile positions. Would you please explain? -Delta Ask The Black Man: Hello Delta, I feel you are making a really broad generalization here. So many married men wear their rings and wear them […]