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In his book Fatherhood:Rising To The Ultimate Challenge NBA player Etan Thomas gathers the stories of men like Talib Kweli, Taye Diggs, Ice Cube and Rev. Al Sharpton to shed light on the obstacles and triumphs of being a father.

For this interview with the devoted father of three shares what it was like living through his parents divorce.

“I knew my dad but I didn’t see him as much as I wanted to, so the when the whole thing with Grant Hill and Jalen Rose [went down], I understood what he was saying,” Thomas says referring to Rose’s remarks about Duke players who had two parents at home. “I would see other dudes with their dads and get angry because I was jealous.”

But Etan learned that situations are relative and that as bad he thought he had it, others were even worse off.

“There were people who would say the same thing to me,” he reveals. “‘You get to see your dad twice a month? I haven’t seen my dad since Christmas!’ And it’s June!”

Watch Etan’s full interview where he discusses what is most important to him as a father. Happy Father’s Day!

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