Before Jill Scott released her album Light Of the Sun she stoked the fires of my very inappropriate crush. In an interview with HotHipHopDetroit she revealed that she had a song called “So Gone” featuring Paul Wall that is “something for the strippers as well.”  So in celebration I composed an ode to Jill’s Sexiest Lyrics.

True confession time. I’m going through some serious Jill Scott withdrawal.

Earlier this year there was buzz that she was coming out with a new album but I think she’s tied up (ahem…where was I? oh…) in some ugly legal issues with her label Hidden Beach. So it may still be some time before I get to unwrap some new ear candy from her.

What do I love so much about Jill? I can give you a list of redeeming qualities from her passionate lyrics to that powerful voice but I’d be lying. I love Jill cuz she’s a freak. There. I said it. There are some truly soul-stirring voices in R&B (Amel, Mary, Leela) but none of them evoke that spring summer feeling like Jill.  Is it a physical thing? Damn skippy. I think Jilly has some of the most beautiful legs in the biz and her bosom buddies are any man’s breast friend.  But it’s really her mouth. That wonderfully flirtatious, trophy-kissing, potty mouth that can truly make you come to your senses.

Thus, I must crown Jill Scott the Queen of Aural Sex.  Until she blesses us with some new grooves here are the 5 verses I keep in my personal highlight reel.

5. “Honey Molasses”–Who Is Jill Scott? (Words & Sounds Vol.1 )

Although the night before you were in my home, my body, my dome

In a circle of passion we Paris, Italy, Japan, Africa, Rome

We made music, we tromboooone

Jill literally gets horny in her description of sweet trans Atlantic seduction. I’ll bet anybody she’s a card-carrying member of  the mile-high club.

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