Here are 5 celebrities that you want to just throw a size 16 Timberland at for their antics in 2008.

Plaxico Burress

The Giants wide receiver stopped short of shooting himself in the foot and went a little higher, ending his season in the NFL. Since the shooting it has been revealed that he was cavorting at buffets with strippers and rear-ending other drivers. As if that wasn’t enough, the police raided his home and found a stash of guns that would make T.I. jealous.

Rick Ross

After repeatedly denying that he served as a corrections officer Rick Ross waffled in an interview with Don Diva magazine making it seem that he never “hid his past.” His patience finally ran thin for the scandal when he was questioned by DJ Vlad, leaving the videographer and spindoctor bleeding, bruised and pale.

Morgan Freeman

The loving and respectable Grandpa image that he’s crafted over the years was shattered when Freeman crashed a 1997 Nissan Maxima with his wife’s best friend riding shotgun. Evidently his wife wasn’t aware of the road trip and served the Dark Knight star and Oscar winner with divorce papers while he was recovering in the hospital.

Suge Knight

Hip-hop’s boogie man had the worst year ever. After getting his bell rung outside of a nightclub he turned his anger on his wife/girlfriend and starting slapping her around in a parking lot. But evidently he’s still intimidating enough to keep people from testifying against him. The case was thrown out of court.


In 2008 Earl Simmons treated courts like they had revolving doors. The headlines went from being humorous to tragic to downright annoying. “Again, DMX? Really?”

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