Danity Kane's Dawn Richard, like the countless others who watched the season four finale, found herself questioning the group's fate after Diddy unexpectantly dismissed group members D. Woods and Aubrey.

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What rapper do you know can beat wrestler <strong>John Cena</strong> in an arm-wrestling match, yet be astute enough to consult a cell phone company on how to market to hip-hop listeners? If you answered <strong>Freddie Foxxx</strong>, you were right. <em>The Urban Daily</em> spoke with one of hip-hop's most controversial MCS about his feud with Rakim, his friendship with Tupac and the real reason Sarah Palin was picked to be VP.

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I’m not surprised in the slightest by what I’m seeing here. As soon as I heard “Can’t Believe It,” the lead single from T-Pain’s forthcoming Thr33 Rings LP, I knew the associated video clip would be the most horrific of fried chicken and blunt nightmares.

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