UPDATED (December 17, 2014): Seventy years after 14-year-old George Stinney became the youngest person in American history to be executed, he was “exonerated” today by a South Carolina judge who vacated his conviction. Judge Carmen T. Mullen wrote that her court “finds fundamental, Constitutional violations of due process exist in the 1944 prosecution of George Stinney, Jr. […]

In today’s WTF news, Keyshia Cole’s mom Frankie debuted the “Frankie Leg” an instructional dance song “Cha Cha Slide” like. Frankie screams her signature line “Holla” over the back vocals. Last time we seen Frankie she was hanging out with ex- Pretty Ricky member Slick Em’ who was last seen snorting coke in his hotel […]

DETROIT — President Barack Obama used a boisterous Labor Day rally to put congressional Republicans on the spot, challenging them to place the country’s interests above all else and vote to create jobs and put the economy back on a path toward growth. “Show us what you’ve got,” he said. In a partial preview of […]

The FBI has opened a civil rights investigation into the death of a black man who Mississippi authorities say was intentionally run down by a white teenager in a pickup truck. Deborah Madden, an FBI spokeswoman in Mississippi, said Wednesday that the bureau is investigating the June 26 death of James Craig Anderson. Madden said […]

Hosea “Malik Wright” Chanchez of BET’s The Game released the most god awful music video for the worst raps I have ever heard. “Booty Shots” shows Hosea rapping like Kris Kross from the 80’s and black women degrading themselves as they allow him to pour what seems like Heineken on them. I really hope this […]

Last Thursday, a man held up GiGi’s cupcakes in NYC with a syringe that he says was full of his HIV infected blood. It is reported that he walked into the bakery, grabbed an employee and forced her into a corner of the store where according to an employee there “showed her the syringe. It […]

Why is it that black people have become their own worst enemies? A “Red Bone Vs. Brown Skin” brawl took place in DC Carnival this past week. Video surfaced of the altercation showing two groups of girls fighting in the street while the cameraman yelled in the background “I wanna see some t*tties.” The video […]

Every year, professional dancers and plenty of other hopefuls audition for a chance to be apart of the major television series “So You Think You Can Dance.” As with anything, along with the amazing talent that surfaces on the show, there comes the bad. That so happened to be Leshia–an ex-stripper with a missing tooth […]

It is officially Prom season folks; which means the good the bad and the ugly will be roaring their heads! Senior prom is the final fun festival where all your friends can enjoy dancing, partying all-night and great fashion…well that is, for most. We have scoured the Internets to find the worst/ghetto Prom pics ever! […]

In all things unholy and ridiculous; an upcoming rapper Mr. Ghetto visits Walmart to shop for hoes! The controversial video shows Mr. Ghetto walking through the aisles of Walmart while numerous females booty shake to the lyrics “she buying Summer’s Eve she buying Massengil; she keep her body clean!” The ladies even get down in […]

In all things outrageous, a white man high on PCP stripped on the 6 train and picked numerous fights with people on the platform! Other WTF News: WTF! Antoine Dodson Releases Dance Video To Rihanna’s “Skin” McDonald’s National Hiring Day Ends With People Getting Run Over By Car [VIDEO] CAPTION THIS: Man Cuts Zipper Into […]

After being arrested for possession of marijuana it is evident that Youtube sensation Antoine Dodson was high as all h*ll when he made this video! Antoine Dodson Pleads Not Guilty To Weed Possession Hide Your Kids, Hide Your Wife cause the last time we saw dancing like this it was coming from Spectacular of Pretty […]