Take a look at the year’s biggest stories!


This year had many ups, downs, highs and lows for a lot of people and us. Take a look at this recap of the biggest stories from 2014, and at the end we will reveal our top 5 of the year.

2. Kim K breaks the internet

Kim K breaks the internet

Well, she and Paper Magazine attempted to anyway. The reality star-turned-mogul stripped down for the mag baring all in greased up pics in November. The pics were, indeed, everywhere, and it was all anyone could talk about for the next few days. It wasn’t without controversy, of course. Should a wife and mother take off her clothes for the world? It really doesn’t matter. In the end, Kardashian got what she wanted.

3. Alfonso Ribeiro does the Carlton dance

When it was announced that “Fresh Prince of Bel-Air’s” Alfonso Ribeiro would be on “Dancing with the Stars,” we all wondered whether the actor would break out his famous Carlton dance. Lo and behold, in October he did and it was perfect. Ribeiro went on to win the championship, and it was well deserved.

4. Raven-Symone says, ‘I’m not black no more’

Okay, she didn’t say those EXACT words, but in the October airing of Oprah’s “Where are They Now?” she made it clear that she does not label herself as African-American. The O tried to warn her against saying it, but the former child star decided to speak her mind. “I’m an American. And that’s a colorless person,” she said. The firestorm Oprah predicted quickly ensued.

5. Amber Rose twerks for the ‘gram

In seemingly better days, Amber Rose twerked in honor to her husband’s song “Ass Drop” to celebrate his album release in September. Nothing more to say here. Just watch.

6. ‘Black-ish’ is a hit

There’s been a void in black family characters on network TV, and “Black-ish” not only filled that void, but it’s just good family TV for all. Starring Anthony Anderson and Tracee Ellis Ross, the show is centered around a black middle-class family who is trying to teach their kids about their blackness all while they stay true to their own personalities. Fresh and funny, “Black-ish” is a laugh we all can relate to.

7. Killers actually go to jail

After 2013’s George Zimmerman verdict, we lost hope that Renisha McBride and Jordan Davis’ killers would be sent to jail. To our surprise both men who killed the unarmed teens were sent to jail for their crimes.

8. I am delivert

A video of a young man who claimed to be “delivered” from homosexuality at the Cogic Convention went viral in November. In the video we see people cheering and shouting and congratulating him for now being straight. “I’m not gay no more,” he claimed. “I am DELIVERED. I don’t like mens no more. I like wimen. Wimen! Wimen!” Parodies and songs were quickly made, and we’re still laughing at the absurdity.

9. Eric Garner + #ICantBreathe

This year wasn’t a good for police brutality, and the case of Eric Garner started it off in July. Black and unarmed, the 43-year-old was killed in July as officers attempted to arrest him for allegedly selling untaxed cigarettes. The incident was caught on camera, with Garner pleading, “I can’t breathe.” His last words became a cry in New York and across the nation for thousands speaking out against police brutality.

10. LeBron heads back to the Cleveland

After opting out of his contract with the Miami Heat, the world was watching to see where James would take his talents to. On July 11, through a first-person essay with Sports Illustrated, King James revealed he would be going back to the Cleveland Cavaliers.

“My relationship with Northeast Ohio is bigger than basketball,” he said. “I didn’t realize that four years ago. I do now.”

11. The Shmoney Dance

It was kind of like it came out of nowhere, because once a Vine of Bobby Shmurda throwing his hat up and two-stepping in his video for “Hot N-gga” blew up in July we couldn’t stop Shmoney dancing.

Thanks to the popularity of the Vine, 19-year-old Shmurda gained an Epic Records deal. Everything came to a halt, though, in December when the rapper was arrested for weapon possession and conspiracy to commit murder.

12. P.O.P held it down

We’re not sure how the 2011 video of Donna Goudeau surfaced in July, but when it did, it blew up. She famously shouted out her mom as she was being arrested for assaulting an old man (she is now locked up for 18 years), and said she was “legally blind.” Memes, vines, reenactments later, and even a death hoax later, we find Donna might have been innocent the entire time like she said all along.

13. T.I. + Floyd Mayweather punch out

Sh-t hit the fan when T.I. punched Floyd in a Vegas Fatburger in May for saying that the boxer slept with his wife, Tiny. Floyd’s advice to T.I. was for him to “control his b-tch.” There was a lot of back and forth — Floyd claimed he gave the ALT rapper black eyes (which he didn’t) and Tiny snubbed Floyd when she saw him on the BET Awards red carpet in June. By now they’ve agreed to leave each other alone.

14. Kermit makes a resurgence

Now, we will credit Twitter user @callmedollar as the one who sparked this Kermit trend, but we’re not really sure what made it take off. But ever since, Kermit has become the image of tea sipping for gossip and advice no one asked for.

15. The slap heard around the world

Don’t ever try to come at someone for their dated clothes if you don’t want to suffer the consequences. That was the case for this girl on an NYC subway train when she clowned this guy for wearing a jacket from the 90s. After heckling and then getting physical with him, he drew his hand back to the next train car and slapped the taste right from her mouth. Moral? Keep your hands and fashion advice to yourself.

16. Solange gets married

Solange stunned us all when she got married to her boyfriend and video director, Alan Ferguson, and it looked like one of the most fun weddings ever. The wedding was in New Orleans, and everyone wore white while dancing in the streets and riding bikes. To top it all off, Solange performed a mother son dance with Juelz to “No Flex Zone” and it was certainly a touching moment.

17. Mimi Faust showers up

It was the sext tape no one wanted to see, but everyone caught a glimpse. “Love and Hip Hop Atlanta’s” Mimi Faust and her boyfriend, Nikko, had their sex tape “stolen” (many believe Nikko sold it) and put out for the world to see. But it was one of the positions that got everyone talking, mainly Mimi hanging on to a shower rod. Because of it, shower rods were selling out around the country. Kudos to you, Mimi.

18. #BringBackOurGirls

When a video of 234 Nigerian girls who were kidnapped emerged in April, the world was doing everything in its power to bring them back. Boko Haram leader, Abubakar Shekau, claimed the girls converted to Islam, and said he was prepared to exchange the girls for prisoners.

A social media campaign quickly ensued in hopes they would be found, but the girls have still not reunited with their families.

19. Rihanna quits Instagram

Rihanna was the undisputed queen of Instagram, gaining likes by the millisecond for pics of her doing to the most mundane to the most high profile. But after she posted topless pics of her from a magazine spread in May that quickly got taken down, the popster decided to leave the photo social network behind.

Every day people asked for her to come back, and in October she decided to grace everyone with her presence.

20. Columbus Short gets physical

It’s been a long year for the former “Scandal” actor. In March he was arrested for domestic violence. He reportedly attacked his wife in front of his children. He was then involved in a bar fight shortly thereafter.

Since then, he’s been fired from “Scandal,” been evicted from his home, and been sued by one of his assault victims. Hopefully for 2015, Short will get his act together.

21. Richard Sherman gets his point across

The Seattle Seahawk made waves when he made a statement against 49er Micahel Crabtree to FOX Sports correspondent, Erin Andrews.

He said, “I’m the best corner in the game. When you try me with a sorry receiver like Crabtree, that’s the result you gonna get. Don’t you ever talk about me. […] Don’t you open your mouth about the best or I’m gonna shut it for you real quick…MOB!”

22. Kimye gets married

It was the moment we were kinda sorta waiting for. After being engaged for six months the two decided to have a lavish wedding in Italy. It was the first marriage for Kanye and the third for Kim. She was infamously married to NBA player Kris Humphries for a mere 72 days before filing for divorce. So when it comes to their marriage, all eyes are on Kimye to see how long it will last.

23. Justin Bieber gets arrested

We didn’t see this one coming, not until he turned about 24, at least. The pop star was arrested in January for a DUI after he was caught drag racing in Miami. It was his first arrest.

24. Keyshia Cole fights for Birdman

Keyshia and her husband, NBA player, Daniel Gibson, announced that she was divorcing her husband in March. But it came as a shock when it was reported that she was dating Birdman. The sh-t really hit the fan when she allegedly caught Birdman in bed with another woman, Sabrina Mercadel, and Cole assaulted her.

Mercadel pressed charges against the singer, which Cole got off with a warning.

25. Mo’Ne Davis

Mo’ne became the first girl in to pitch a winning game AND a shut out in Little League history on August 15. She also was the first Little Leaguer to ever grace the cover of Sports Illustrated

26. Madonna uses the N-word

In january, Madonna posted a pic to her Instagram account referring to her son saying, “No one messes with Dirty Soap! Mama said knock you out! #disni**a.” The pop singer immediately faced backlash for using the N-word and she replied, “Ok let me start this again. #get off of my d*ck haters!”

It was very concerning since she adopted a black child in 2006. She has since apologized and asked for forgiveness.

27. Jeremy Meeks is prison bae

The felon went viral in June once his mugshot hit the Internet. Everyone was so surprised that someone who is good looking just might be a criminal. Meeks was in prison due to five felony weapons charges, and his mom says that he is innocent and that he’s been stereotyped due to his tattoos. He pled guilty to the charges Nov. 6, but he shouldn’t fret. Once he gets out of jail, he has a modeling contract waiting.

28. Darren Sharper indicted for rape

Pro Bowler Darren Sharper was accused of raping nine women in five different states, and he surrendered to the police in January. The former Saints player soon lost his job as an NFL analyst surrounding the charges, and he was later indicted in December for the crime.

29. Philip Seymour Hoffman overdoses

After 23 years of being clean from a heroin addiction, the Oscar-winning actor fell off of the wagon in 2012. He was found dead with a needle in his arm in his New York City apartment on February 2. Since his death, there’s been more awareness about the growing heroin abuse among young people.

30. Lil Kim has a baby!

Lil Kim stunned everyone when she appeared at an NYC Fashion Week show visibly pregnant in February. She gave birth to her first child, a daughter she named Royal Reign, on June 9.

31. August Alsina in three-day coma

The New Orleans singer suffered multiple seizures and collapsed while performing on stage in September. As a result, August was in a coma for three days. After fans wondered what exactly was going on with him, he posted a picture to his Instagram account to let everyone know he was okay.

32. Juicy J’s twerk scholarship

The Tennesee rapper announced in 2013 that he would give $50,000 to the girl who would twerk the best, so, of course, there was push back when he awarded the money to a biology student who didn’t actually twerk at all in January. “50K is a lot of money and I don’t want to waste it on some chick twerkin’ her ass,” said Juicy J. Apparently, most women didn’t read the rules, which stated one didn’t have to twerk.

33. Remy Ma released from prison

After serving six years in prison for shooting a woman in the abdomen over a $3,000 dispute, Remy Ma was released in August. While in prison, she earned an Associate’s degree in sociology. Right before her release, she called into Power 105.1 with Angie Martinez and had this to say about writing rhymes while in prison: “It’s not gonna be fair — my pen game is crazy.”

34. Boosie freed!

Rapper Lil Boosie was freed from prison in March. He went to jail in 2009 for drug charges and was originally expected to be released in May. Since being released, he was already involved in controversy. First his five-year-old daughter was featured in a video cursing about how he was coming home, and in October the rapper stated that being black was “the worst race in the world.”

35. Meek Mill sent to jail

The Philly rapper was sent to jail after a Washington, D.C. district attorney was concerned about Meek’s behavior, and he felt that it violated his probation in July. He was sentenced to three to six months in jail, but was released early in December.

36. Apollo Nida caught in bank fraud case

Although Apollo Nida has been to prison previously for racketeering, that didn’t stop him from getting caught a second time. He was arrested for bank fraud and theft in May, and he pled guilty to the charges. He has been sentenced to eight years in prison. His wife, RHOA’s Phaedra Parks, has already decided to divorce him while his is incarcerated.

37. Chris Brown goes to jail

Chris was ordered to rehab following a 2013 altercation, but he was sent to jail once he violated rules in rehab March 2014. He was originally supposed to be in jail until April 23, but the judge extended his sentencing for another year. Chris was released on June 2 due to overcrowding.

38. Tyga vs. Young Money

Tyga was supposed to be gearing up for the release of his sophomore album, “The Gold Album: 18th Dynasty,” but in a Twitter rant in October he claimed that e felt like he was being held hostage by his label, Young Money/Cash Money.

39. The Aaliyah biopic is a social media disaster

When Lifetime and Wendy Williams teamed up to do a biopic on beloved singer Aaliyah, everyone was skeptical. Backlash quickly followed when it was first revealed that actress Zendaya would be playing her and continued when she dropped from the film and was replaced by Alexandra Shipp. So when the movie aired, Twitter went in with a trending topic #LifetimeBiopicsBeLike for discrepancies seen throughout the film.

40. ‘SNL’ gets first black female cast member in eight years

What took so long? It wasn’t until the outcry of the public that executive producer Lorne Michaels finally heard. An open casting call for black women was made, and Sasheer Zamata was added to the cast. ‘SNL’ still has ways to go when it comes to diversity, but hopefully this was a step in the right direction to make the show better, rather than just trying to appease us.

41. Jay Z + Beyonce quell divorce rumors

The rumors didn’t cease when once we say what happened in the elevator in May. A new rumor came almost every week after after. Were they together? Were they not? Beyonce’s shopping for a new NYC home. Did she sign the lease with Jay?

All these rumors were ultimately put to rest once word hit that the couple renewed their vows in Italy during Beyonce’s birthday celebration in September, so the joke was on us.

42. Robin Williams commits suicide

No one saw this coming when funnyman, Robin Williams, committed suicide in August. We don’t think of someone who made us laugh nearly our entire life as someone who wants to take their own life. The outpouring of love from the public was overwhelming, and we still miss Williams to this day.

43. Michael Sam comes out

He became the first openly gay player to be drafted into the NFL . “Since February and my big announcement, this has been a whole [lot of] speculation of the first openly gay football player, he said, “but you know what? It’s not about that. It’s about playing football.” Despite being drafted by the Rams, he has since been dropped (he was dropped by Cowboys, too). He is currently in search of a team.

44. Tiny’s new eyes

Tameka “Tiny” Harris was tired of wearing colored contacts, so the singer and reality star decided to take it to the next level and permanently change her eye color. She traveled to Africa for the procedure since it is illegal here in the U.S. and now her eyes are an “ice gray.”

45. Nick Cannon + Mariah Carey

It was a union from left field, but we thought they would make it last. But after six years together, the singer and actor decided to call it quits in Auguet. Cannon was linked to Amber Rose following the announcements, due to the fact that he signed on as her management. Those rumors have since died down.

46. Yung Berg Assaults Masika

“Love and Hip Hop Hollywood” proved to be a big ratings hit for VH1, and maybe the comeback fame for some of the cast members proved to be a bit much to handle. After the reunion taping in October, Berg and Masika went out partying and he couldn’t foot the bill. Masika confronted her and Berg punched the reality star which resulted in him getting arrested and booted from the cast.

47. Snoop Dogg + Iggy Azalea beef

Iggy has had her fair share of going back and forth with other musicians in the public, but no one saw this one coming. It all started when Snoop posted a meme to his Instagram account in October making fun of Iggy. She took it personally and confronted him on Twitter. That only fueled Snoop to make videos about her and called her a ‘b-tch.’ Once T.I. stepped in, everything was squashed and Snoop apologized.

48. Paula Patton gives Robin Thicke the boot

Was seeing pics of Robin Thicke kissing (and possibly more) with other women the last straw for Paula Patton? Maybe. So Patton filed for separation shortly after the Grammy Awards in February.

Thicke went on a campaign to get his girl back. He named and dedicated his entire album after and to her. She wasn’t buying it, though. The album was a flop, and she officially filed for divorce in October.

49. Amber Rose files for divorce from Wiz Khalifa

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, especially when Amber Rose decided to file divorce papers from her husband in September. She cited irreconcilable differences, but friend and radio personality, Peter Rosenberg, claims it was because she caught Wiz in bed with twins.

50. St. Louis Rams put their “hands up”

After the decision was reached to not indicted police officer Darren Wilson for killing Michael Brown, the five St. Louis Rams players decided to show their solidarity and put their hands up when they made their way to the field for their game on Nov. 30. The St. Louis Police Officers Association quickly demanded an apology, deeming it “tasteless, offensive and inflammatory.”

51. 5. Donald Sterlings racist rant caught on tape

Be careful of who you speak to. Donald Sterling was caught out there when his girlfriend, V. Stiviano, released tapes of him making racist comments to her saying how disappointed he was that she hung out with black people. “It bothers me a lot that you want to broadcast that you’re associating with black people. Do you have to?” He ended up selling the Clippers after the public backlash and scrutiny in August.

52. 4. Ray Rice drags Janay out of elevator

The news broke back in February that former Baltimore Ravens running back dragged his then-fiancee, Janay Palmer, out of an Atlantic City casino elevator. Since then, the couple got married and moved on, but once the video surfaced and they became the “faces of domestic violence.” Rice has been terminated from the Ravens and the couple appeared on the “Today” show to set the record straight.

53. 3. “Sometimes sh-t goes down when there’s a billion dollars in an elevator”

Jay Z, Solange, and Beyonce originally broke the Internet in May when TMZ obtained a video of Solange and Jay Z fighting in the Standard Hotel elevator after the Met Gala in NYC. We still don’t know what was the cause of the fight, but we do know the cover up that ensued after the fight.

Their team made one heck of a statement: “They both have apologized to each other and we have moved forward as a united family.”

54. 2. Bill Cosby, the alleged serial rapist

Legendary comedian and actor, Bill Cosby, found himself in hot water when fellow comedian, Hannibal Buress, outed him for raping women. Ever since this happened in October, droves of women have been coming out to say they were sexually assaulted by Cosby. He’s has lost a deal he had with NBC for an upcoming sitcom, and Netflix shelved his comedy special. He’s also been stripped of his Naval title among other things.

55. 1. Mike Brown killing + Ferguson, Mo.

When unarmed teenager, Michael Brown, was shot and killed by police officer, Darren Wilson, what spawned after was what got America talking. If it weren’t for social media, we might not have ever known about the case. Due to the fact that a Clayton, Mo. grand jury decided not to indict Wilson, protests across the country have been occurring nearly every day to bring awareness to the racial injustices we still face.