We almost forgot how V. Stiviano singlehandedly took down former Clippers owner and racist Donald Sterling last year. Now, his wife, Shelly, has gotten revenge on her husband’s former mistress. She has been awarded $2.6 million from Stiviano. According to Fox Sports, Shelly claimed that the gifts Donald purchased for Stiviano were “community property” from their marriage. Those gifts […]

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Months after audio leaked of billionaire Donald Sterling making racist comments about African Americans, his Los Angeles Clippers basketball franchise has been sold to new ownership. Former Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer placed a $2 Billion bid to buy the team after the NBA commissioner banned Sterling for life and forced the sale of the franchise. […]

Los Angles Clippers owner Donald Sterling became the old, wrinkled face of racism when a conversation with his mistress V. Stiviano was leaked to the public several weeks ago. In the recorded conversation Sterling can be overheard making derogatory comments about African-American basketball players and specifically NBA Hall Of Famer Magic Johnson. RELATED: V. Stiviano Allegedly Brutally […]

Wow…this is wild. According to Radar Online, the alleged mistress of racist former LA Clippers owner Donald Sterling was beaten up pretty seriously in New York City on Sunday. RELATED: Former Clipper Disses Donald Sterling In Rap Song [VIDEO] Stiviano was in town to appear on CNN‘s Anderson Cooper 360 on Monday. Mac Nehorary Stiviano’s attorney said […]

Well, well, well…there is justice after all. According to TMZ Sports, Donald Sterling is no longer the controlling owner of the Los Angeles Clippers! Sterling just surrendered control to his estranged wife, Shelly Sterling and she is now secretly negotiating with the NBA to sell the team. However, she will only sell on “HER TERMS”.Sources close to the Clippers organization […]

Last night embattled LA Clippers owner Donald Sterling gave a bombastic interview to CNN‘s Anderson Cooper and the man is delusional at best and flat out lying at worst! He continued to say that everyone still likes him and that it’s just the media that hate him. Take a look at his foolish interview below!   […]

Thanks to CNN we have part of the transcript from the Donald Sterling interview with Anderson Cooper which will air Monday night at 8 PM ET. We figured we’d share it just in case you needed some comic relief to start off the new week and we promise you this thing is COMEDY!! Take a […]

Talib Kweli, whose latest album “Gravitas” is available now on his site KweliClub.com, sat down with Arsenio Hall and the two dug into education, Jay Z, the current state of hip hop, the music industry, and more. Arsenio pulled out Jay Z’s line from “Moment Of Clarity” where he raps, “If skills sold, truth be […]

With his purse puppy in tow, Ray J spoke to TMZ cameras about what he thinks of Donald Sterling and why he’s dumping two apartments in the building owned by Sterling. Check it out in the video below!     Now….DISCUSS!   READ MORE HOT ENTERTAINMENT COVERAGE ON THEURBANDAILY SNL Chucks Rocks At Beyonce’s “Beyhive” […]

We told you guys earlier this week that just when it seems like this story can get no wilder…it up and does! It is being reported by the New York Post, that the alleged racist owner of the LA Clippers is battling cancer! Yes 80 year old Donald Sterling is said to have been dealing […]