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In a beef we had no idea was brewing to the level it was, the war of words between Khia and Bobby Lytes has gotten even nastier in the past week alone. Lytes, who is a cousin of Trina, defended the rapper after the “My Neck, My Back”  star threw some low-blow shots, and the return fire from Khia went to a rather dark place.

Some might recall that Khia and Trina have been beefing for years, and that was revived last week after Khia spoke on the death of Trina’s mother from cancer, calling it a “sacrifice” in a video posted on her Khia MotormoufTV YouTube channel.

Lytes caught wind of the comments and fired back with a  video of his own to defend his family.

There is also a tweet still in existence that also captures the essence of the feud.

The most recent response from Khia went for the jugular, with the rapper saying Lytes has HIV among other choice words. View the video below but we do warn that the language will indeed be offensive to some.

Khia’s name has been trending on Twitter this morning after her latest clip made its rounds, and we’ve got the reactions below.

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