It was fun while it lasted. Popeyes lived long enough to see itself become the villain. The fast-food chain’s latest promotion for its chicken sandwich is drawing criticism because of how ridiculous it actually is.

We would have loved to have been a fly on the wall when execs came up with this idea. To combat their lack of buns for their delicious sandwich, Popeyes started a new BYOB (bring your own bun) promotion. To participate, customers can bring their own bread, pickles, and mayo. Popeyes will supply the juicy chicken tender and boom you have your very own chicken sandwich.

While the folks at Popeyes thought they might have been onto something, customers were scratching their heads at this temporary solution to appease their hunger for the sandwich. Twitter users dropped hilarious jokes hinting at coming in Popeyes locations with Wonder Bread and other types of buns. Other users just scoffed the idea entirely and understandably so.

Hit the gallery below for all the fowl hilarity. Plus, let us know if you plan on bringing your own buns to Popeyes to feed your need for the highly sought-after chicken sandwich. It really shouldn’t be that serious though.

Photo: Popeyes

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