Slim of the legendary R&B group 112 reveals his favorite experience that he had with Biggie while they were both working in the industry. Click on the audio player to hear the awesome story on The Ed Lover Show.

  R&B group 112 had some of the sexiest songs about the interactions between a man and woman. If you paid attention, they taught a great deal of young men about the joys of bowing at a woman’s altar on “Peaches & Cream.” Although one of their biggest hits, “Anywhere,” was all about making sex […]

In the next episode of’s “My First” car Q Parker, formerly of the group 112, tells us about the time he and his bandmates hit the BMW dealership after touring with Whitney Houston. Click on the links below for more episodes of “My First Car.” N.O.R.E Made A Huge Mistake With His First Car […]

Producer/reality superstar Stevie J made a name for himself by crafting hits for the likes of Mariah Carey, Mary J. Blige, and 112. However, his reputation since being on “Love & Hip-Hop Atlanta” has morphed into something that might not be the best thing for his producing career. Stevie J has positioned himself to be […]

The land of R&B groups is a barren world we have yet to return from. Many of the most beloved R&B groups have allowed internal squabbles and growing pains to deter them from making the type of R&B fans have been needing. One of the groups who have gone through those types of problems is […]

It’s hard to believe that 14 years have passed since The Notorious B.I.G. was gunned down in Los Angeles. A few months after Big’s death, his friend and label head, Puff Daddy, as he was then known, released a tribute called “I’ll Be Missing You.”

At one point Bad Boy and Roc-A-Fella Records reigned supreme with monster hits. They flooded the airwaves and maintained top spots in the critics and fans minds alike. 

Somewhere in the land of Boy Band where R&B groups are formed from muscular men, sultry voices, and masters of dance lies the secret to the success of these three groups: Dru Hill, Jagged Edge, and 112.

Q. Parker of the group 112 was on Atlanta’s WVEE-V103 this week to address former member Michael Keith’s allegations that the group disbanded due to mistrust amongst the quartet. Previously: ‘Slim (of 112) Goes Solo, Talks Bad Boy Then & Now’

The first mistake you don’t want to make with Slim of 112 is to refer to his as formerly of 112. According to the group’s front man, 112 is going no where (no pun intended). “112 is always forever. You know what I mean?,” says Slim who might want to consider a name change; one […]