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Somewhere in the land of Boy Band where R&B groups are formed from muscular men, sultry voices, and masters of dance lies the secret to the success of these three groups: Dru Hill, Jagged Edge, and 112.

They shared many common traits, such as multi- platinum albums, support from super producers, (Diddy, Jermaine Dupri, Daryl Simmons) and too many members to remember their names. Nonetheless, these men were extremely talented. Their harmonies attracted panties like magnets, their love ballads were Valentine’s and Wedding Day staples, and their uptempo songs kept dance floors packed from coast to coast.

In our eyes all of these groups are special but for this particular argument, there can only be one winner. They shall be judged on four categories: Lead Singer, Panty Dropping Ability, Swag, and Dance Ballads

Category 1: Lead Singer

Brian Casey(J.E) Vs. Slim(112) Vs. Sisqo (Dru Hill):

This is hard because Brian’s voice is so strong, so manly and demanding, but Sisqo and Slim have a rare softness and higher tone to their voice. That breakdown at the end of Cupid (2:47) gave me slight goosebumps so he takes that one! As for their background vocals, Jagged Edge wins because every single one of those men can sing their a**es off!

Category 2: Panty Dropping Ability

Let’s break out the sex songs…



Dru Hill

Well for the most part everyone thought Sisqo had a little sugar in his tank so thinking about him and sex would be pointless, that leaves J.E and 112. 112 inches by Jagged Edge by a nose in this category. “Hot and Wet” was so bold and no holds barred!

Category 3: Swag

After reviewing all the videos, hands down Jagged Edge was very “swagtastic.” Their dances were laid back and they didn’t all match like their clothing was made from one garment.

Category 4: Dance Ballads


Jagged Edge

Dru Hill

Dru Hill had Jermaine Dupri behind their remix and because of that they slide by the other boys.

And the winners are: Jagged Edge! Who do you think deserves to win?

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