A casual look at the last year of superhero films reveals that the genre is in desperate need of revitalization. Outside of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 and Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse, it was the weakest year for the genre since the first Avengers took the box office by storm. From The Flash, Ant-Man […] The post Why We Need More Black Superheroes On The Big Screen appeared first on NewsOne.


A woman who says she dated Chicago Bulls player Derrick Rose for 2 years is now suing him behind accusations that he drugged and gang raped her back in 2013. The woman, who has been identified only as “Jane Doe” thus far, is making some very explosive claims implicating Derrick Rose in several incidents leading […]

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A song writer named Pierre Medor who has worked with Usher, Diddy and Nelly wrote a song called “Perfectly Worthless” and Porsha Williams sang it on last Sunday’s episode of the Real Housewives Of Atlanta.  Well, according to TMZ, Medor claims he only gave the song to Porsha to test her voice and that he had no […]

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Can the Real Housewives Of Atlanta cast catch a darn break? Man…we guess not! According to Eben Gregory Cynthia Bailey‘s name is now being dragged through the mud in Atlanta over what are being called bogus claims on the Bailey Agency website. QUIZ: Find Out Which Capt. America Hero You Are [QUIZ] Okay here is what has […]

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We don’t know what is true here or what may be a result of a friendship turned sour… but according to Radar Online, a book was written that accused “Real Housewives Of Atlanta” star Phaedra Parks of “masterminding” a fraud ring that included bank fraud and car theft. This was written and published prior to […]