2014  is proving to be a strong year for Black actors as the nominees for the 66th Annual Primetime Emmys were announced earlier this morning.  Idris Elba was recognized for his work as DCI John Luther in the BBC mini-series “Luther,”  landing on the Outstanding Lead Actor in a Miniseries as well as Chiwetel Ejiofor for […]

When popular actor Samuel L. Jackson speaks, people definitely listen. Jackson’s liberal opinions have a group of porn actors boycotting mad because they feel he promotes porn piracy. At a movie press conference, the actor was asked what he thought the greatest achievement in in pop culture. Without batting an eyelash or taking a second […]


At a recent luncheon celebrating the 2014 Oscar nominees, a group of A-list stars, directors, sound mixers and more gathered round a life-size model of…

The force will be upon us once again as “Star Wars Episode VII” heads back to the big screen in December 2015.  J.J. Abrams (who resurrected the “Star Trek” franchise) has jumped ship to helm Hollywood’s most iconic sci-fi franchise, when “Star Wars” creator George Lucas opted not to return. READ: African-American Actors Celebrate Strides […]

In an effort to diversify their income, rappers have taken their talents to the acting side of the entertainment business. In fact, rappers scoring film roles have become so commonplace that nobody bats an eye when they hear about rappers in films. But rewind to the early 90s and it was a huge deal to […]

Many know actor Idris Elba for his dashing good looks, immense acting talent, and alluring accent. However, many don’t know how Elba had to pick himself up by the bootstraps to make his dream of becoming a world-famous actor come to fruition. Not only were the odds stacked against Elba and his dreams, but there […]

TV networks are finally getting the message- shows on the small screen need to reflect the times we live in.  As the “sassy Black friend” is becoming a thing of the past, network dramas and sitcoms are stepping up to give us more fleshed out, three-dimensional Black characters.  We’re now sexy, charismatic vampires (“The Originals”), […]