Despite the lack of any solid evidence to support the claims, rumors of an affair between Rihanna and her Roc Nation boss Jay Z have been running rampant on the gossip mill for years..and now we all know why. The fabricated affair between the pop superstar and the rap mogul has been cited as the […]


Cheaters beware. Hackers who stole sensitive information from, a website that arranges hook-ups for married individuals, have made good on their threat to expose more than…

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If haven’t already heard or have actually been focused on stuff that’s important, former Young Money rapper Tyga is not too happy about his nude photos recently being leaked to the internet. A transgendered model by the name of Mia Isabella initially came forward to “expose” Tyga and claim that he sent her the picture in […]

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Has K. Michelle gotten over Idris Elba? Doesn’t seem so. The songstress stopped by the Russ Parr Morning Show to promote her latest album, “Anybody Wanna Buy A Heart?” which was inspired by her romance with Elba. K. Michelle revealed like country music sweetheart K. Michelle revealed like country music sensation Taylor Swift, she uses her relationships as inspiration for her […]

Bad things happen when the G code is not respected. A man in Arizona is sitting behind bars regretting his decision to retaliate against his brother for not respecting the G code. Christopher Michael Wasar was arrested for killing his older brother. Christopher allegedly shot his brother because the older brother had recently started sleeping […]

  The problem with people when they get angry is they like to tear up their own stuff. I’m sorry, but if you do me dirty and I don’t know how to react but to start smashing fragile home decor, best believe it’s going to be at your house and your home decor will be […]

  Parents send their children to school believing that it’s a safe haven when in all actuality, it is a placed for undercover predators to sleep with your children. a 53-year-old woman just received a prison sentence of 16 years for carrying on a lesbian affair with a student for four whole years. Linda Leann […]

  Record executive and reality TV star Simon Cowell has broken the G code. The “X-Factor” judge is getting ready to have his first child with his best friend’s wife. That’s not the craziest part, Simon is the one feeling like he was tricked! According to reports, the 53-year-old Cowell began a secret affair with […]

The phenomenon of adults having sex with teenagers is nothing new. However, it’s getting to a point where it’s really over the top. A Florida woman is sitting behind bars because she engaged in a sexual relationship with a boy who was sixteen years old. The reason the affair began in the first place, you […]

Ex-NBA player Stephon Marbury is a prime example of how not to conduct an extramarital affair. Marbury is currently being sued by his former mistress after he promised to pay her close to a million dollars to keep their affair under wraps. He paid most of the money, but now the former mistress is suing […]

The world has some very sick individuals in it. A male teacher was arrested for repeatedly having sex with a 13-year-old student in the bed he shared with his wife. In a sick twist of events, the teacher’s wife is a lawyer and she defended him in court against the charges. Daniel Reilly is a […]

Another teacher is accused of sleeping with one of her students. In a strange twist of events, this time the teacher is the one who informed the authorities. The teacher told on herself because the student who she slept with attempted to extort money from her. According to court documents, former teacher Kahtanna Culp is […]