Are We There Yet?

TBS sitcom “Are We There Yet” tackles the serious topic of bullying in tonight’s episode. The Ice Cube executive-produced program’s “Fall Of Troy” episode will deal with Kevin provoking the school bully.

I know that  many of you are busy whipping your hair but take a moment to watch this video from Lady Luck, “Are We There Yet?”  This intro to her CD may pack more than some rappers entire albums. Get on the bus…

With his latest sitcom Ice Cube hopes to redefine reality TV. The hip-hop vet turned Hollywood powerhouse is spinning off his successful 2005 film, “Are We There Yet?” into a series on TBS of the same name. In the film Nick (played by Ice Cube) is driving his girlfriend Suzanne’s (played by Nia Long) kids […]

While promoting his new sitcom spinoff, “Are We There Yet?”, Ice Cube spoke with Hot 97.’s Angie Martinez about his son OMG, and whether rapping was just a hobby for him now.