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     2012 was a pretty good year as far as Hip-Hop releases were concerned. There were a great amount of excellent slept on albums that were completely overshadowed by mainstream projects this year that deserve some shine. I went back through the hundreds of albums I’ve heard over the past calendar year and picked […]

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While the distinction between a mixtape and an album seems to be blur more everyday, artists still see the merit in releasing Free99 music for their fans. Some of the projects in 2012 rivaled those available for purchase and may have raised the bar too high for the “official” releases from those artists. However, you […]

2012 in black cinema can be best described as “For Us By Us.”  No longer depending on the Hollywood machine to greenlight their stories, a group of bold and visionary filmmakers took the lead in financing and producing their passion projects. Ava DuVernay’s historic win as Best Director for Middle of Nowhere at Sundance sent […]

If I could relive one moment in 2012, it would be when I was sitting on my couch watching “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta” and…

It’s hard to deny Nicki Minaj‘s impact on music, television and just about every other genre she has touched with her cooky lyrics and flamboyant…

It’s the time of year when websites like ours and print publications begin wrapping up the year and giving nods to those who occupied our Twitter timelines and Netflix cues for the past 12 months. For magazines it’s a particularly critical fourth quarter showing off their big guns and typically you see the biggest names of […]

Oh 2012, how good you’ve been to me! My President is still black and I got to witness the most epic reality show ever! “Love…

For as long as rappers have been making money from music, there has been music about making money. In 2012 artists pushed themselves to newer and more imaginative heights of excess in their rhymes, despite the financial woes the rest of the country might be experiencing. In some cases they are actually living that large […]


Given that the modern Rap game tends to overlook those that put real effort into their wordplay and lyrical content in favor of those that make “hot” music, a list like this is a must. I looked back at the year 2012 and I selected 10 emcees (rappers need not apply) that made the pen […]

Hip-Hop was the dominating force in 2012. Out of all the music genres, there weren’t any events like in hip-hop. We had Jay-Z and Kanye West continuing to rule the rap world with their performances at the inaugural Made In America music festival and Rick Ross not slowing down his rise to the top despite […]


It’s that time of year when we take a look back to acknowledge the most memorable moments in entertainment. Veteran artists reinvented themselves and new names worked their way into our collective rotations. Television personalities owned social media and those who dared to think outside of the box rewrote the rules of fashion. But who […]