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If I could relive one moment in 2012, it would be when I was sitting on my couch watching “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta” and Joseline Hernandez (also known as Jose) put Stevie J. in a headlock. It may sound silly, but it was so therapeutic for me because I’ve gone through a similar situation. That, and it was just funny!

This year, the word ratchet was more ubiquitous than Rihanna and Chris Brown’s relationship, Beyonce’s baby bump and everything in between combined. Somewhere, in the trenches where ratchet was born and lived for so many years before running away and joining WorldStar, is a mother longing for her child to home. That’s the only way I can explain why ratchet has been running amok over the last 365 days. From “Bad Girls Club” to “Basketball Wives,” here are our 10 favorite most wild moments from reality TV this year!

10. Lil Scrappy Put The Paws On Stevie J.

Erica “It’s me, the b***h” Dixon had front row seats to watching her baby’s father Lil’ Scrappy put the paws on Stevie J. This moment makes the list not because of Scrappy’s mediocre fighting skills, but Joseline Hernandez’s false interjection.

9. Meghan James Is Ready To Fight!

Any woman who keeps her weave (Bella Dream Hair) in tact while fighting off two chicks in the hallway, should be applauded! If you saw “Bad Girls Club 9″ than you know exactly who and what I am talking about! Not only was Meghan the baddest chick in the house, she was noble with her hands. She’s gracefully announce “I’m ready to fight,” before knocking you out!

8. Tami Roman vs Kesha

Ya know, “Basketball Wives: Miami” really stirred the pot this year. Between the countless attempts at makeups that only wound up as breakups and Kesha’s whimpers, we just hope and pray for a season 10. Tami Roman, who we’ve come to love for her brash demeanor, turned it all the way up when Kesha demanded Tami stop calling her the word…Well, what was Tami’s response: “B***, b***h and more b***h.”

7. Jennifer Williams Gets Slapped

It was the slap heard round the world. Evelyn Lozada, who decided it would be more effective to get to her frenemy by jumping over the table rather than just walking around it, totally missed the opportunity which allowed for her assistant (who shall remain nameless, partially because we don’t care and partially because I don’t feel like googling her name) to deliver the five fingers to the face.

6. Karlie Redd Shakes The Table & K. Michelle Threatens Her Trachea

Karlie Redd and K. Michelle didn’t quite see eye-to-eye but the sight of Mimi’s ponytail must have excited them (It was just so big and confusing). Once K. Michelle threatened to chop Karlie Redd in the trachea, things got real and “She’s shakinggg the table” was born!

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5. Tiffney Cambridge Calls Off The Wedding

It’s all fun and games until your wedding gets called off and you find out via the Internet. Rapper Game left his wife and children home to perform overseas, but took his female assistant with him. Hmm. Tiffney wasn’t having it and postponed the ceremony. Now The Game looks even stupider than he did before the cancellation.

4. Jackie’s Mouth Gets Her Weave Tossed

After watching “Basketball Wives: LA,” I’ve concluded that Jackie Christie is out of her mind. That aside, I loved every moment of it! Not only did she reveal what was under her Matrix- inspired jacket-dress thing she wears, Brooke challenged her right back when she snapped that she didn’t want a problem. Clearly she did. We don’t know what happened per say, but Jackie’s weave was all the way tossed afterwards!

3. Jarrod Finds Out Abigail Is Melissa

MTV’s new docuseries “Catfish” taught me some things about myself. I am too harsh on fat people and I should love my body more. I am the skinny chick constantly complaining about not having a big enough butt when there are women out there who are four times my size and dealing with real problems. Jarrod fell for Abigail, a blonde haired, blue eyed petite girl who didn’t know who he was probably until she watched MTV and realized she was the apple of his eye. Jarrod confronted his Internet love who actually turned out to be a plus-size Melissa. Melissa if you’re reading, know I saw your beauty last night, when I watch you explain why you lied on last night’s repeat episode!


2. Evelyn Lozada Jumps Over The Table

It would probably have been easier for Evelyn to kindly stand up, walk around the large table separating her from Jennifer Williams and politely punch her in the face. But Ev, who donned a cutesy blue dress to the race track channeled one of the horse and tried to hurdle over the obstruction. She didn’t reach Williams but, it was sure fun watching her try!

1. Joseline Hernandez Beats Up Stevie J.

By the end of “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta,” we had witnessed Stevie J. dog out three women in his life. Mimi Faust, Joseline Hernandez and inadvertently–his 3-year-old daughter. But only one woman was ratchet strong enough to take matters to the next level and give Stevie what he deserved, a good old fashion a** whooping that Lil scrappy failed to deliver. During a couples counseling visit, Mimi revealed that she and Stevie were working things out and they were living together. Joseline gave Stevie one good glance then socked him in the face. Oh the glory! All women who have been scarred by a man who did them wrong rejoiced! With Mimi doing her best impression of “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon,” Joseline put the paws on Stevie better than Lil’ Scrappy, who hugged the . Wait, did Joseline dance at the strip club or do security?


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