The 46-year-old career criminal escaped three murder charges until he met his own fate

A jaw-dropping and rather uncomfortable statistic emerged as a result of new research conducted by XXL. In a newly published article titled “The Current Status of Every Murdered Rapper’s Case,” the publication found that 69.2% of rappers’ murders remain unsolved to this day. XXL looked at 52 rappers who had been killed during the 28 years […]

The protégé has always been a privileged position Hip-Hop. With one word, an artist at the top of his game can place all eyes on an artist and declare him next in line to the carry on a tradition of fame, fortune and artistic excellence. Sweet work if you can get it, right? Unfortunately, when it […]

In honor of 7/30, we’re bringing you the craziest 730 rap references. In case you’re wondering what ‘730’ means, it’s a police code referencing to a person that is crazy or suffers from a mental disorder. According to YBDCRIME: "Incapacitated person" means a defendant who as a result of mental disease or defect lacks capacity […]

Large Professor took to his computer and answered questions from the public on Reddit for their “Ask Me Anything” segment. He touched on everything from working with Nas to Big L to what he’s missed out on in his career. Take a look at his 12 most revealing facts. RELATED: The Street Signs Rap Lyrics Shout […]

Okay, so this might be one of the coolest ideas ever. Rappers always rep where they’re from, so why not put up street signs at the actual intersections or neighborhood where famous lyrics came from? Artist Jay Shells took the time to make signs and put them all over New York City. You might even […]

The murders of 2Pac and the Notorious B.I.G. are top of mind when it comes to unsolved murders in hip-hop, but sadly, they’re not the only ones whose murderers have never been brought to justice. Jam Master Jay’s murder is still unsolved, and all of these cases seem to be cold. Find out who else […]

Back in the day, if you were an aspiring rapper and wanted to get a deal, there was no internet to post your entire discography of songs recorded on your laptop to.  You had to have a demo tape.

With the week coming to a close, it’s time for us to pick our favorite things this week.   Some of us picked music, some tv shows, some of us chose something… well… something else. JERRY BARROW – Senior Editor The “Mixtape Marvel” from CT jacks Red Café’s “I’m Ill” beat (produced by Boi-1da) and elevates […]