Bishop Eddie Long

Despite being accused of having inappropriate sexual relationships with multiple young men, Bishop Eddie Long and his flock of worshipers are moving full speed ahead with their Spirit & Truth Conference. One of Long’s victims isn’t too pleased about it and is doing what he can to stop it. Eddie Long’s former lover Centino Kemp […]

After a scandalous year of their marriage, Bishop Eddie Long‘s wife Vanessa Long has filed for divorce from the pastor accused of having sex with young men. UPDATE: After making the announcement about her intention to divorce Bishop Long, Vanessa has rescinded her petition. Something is very fishy… UPDATE #2: The divorce is technically back […]

On September 26th, 2010, Bishop Eddie Long stood in front of a congregation of thousands of supporters at his New Birth Missionary Baptist Church. ”I’ve been accused. I’m under attack. I want you to know, as I said earlier, I am not a perfect man, but this thing, I’m going to fight.” On May 30th 2011, just […]

During his sermon this past Sunday, Bishop Eddie Long received a stripper-style stack of cash from a young woman who attends his church. Now I have no clue if this was planned or not but the young woman just came out of nowhere and handed him the stack of cash. I guess this is how […]

Anthony Weiner’s lewd photos exploded on twitter last week. Anthony Weiner admitted to sending lewd photos via Twitter and  Bishop Eddie Long remains silent on church sex scandal, although racy photos were released. The proof is in the pictures — but who’s scandal is bigger? Take a look at our comparison gallery and tell us […]

Bishop Eddie Long, the Georgia megachurch pastor, has reached an out-of-court settlement with the four young men who accused him of sexual abuse, representatives for both sides said Thursday May 26th. Today B.J. Bernstein, the attorney representing the men, said in a statement that the lawsuits against Long and his church have “been resolved.” Bernstein’s two-paragraph […]

The Thatsbys are back and Baby and Bishop Eddie Long are both nominated for Thatsby awards. See who won. Every week we select our pick of the hottest content from today’s entertainment & arts movers & shakers. Filmakers, musicians, poets, animators, etc. can now submit their hottest video content to be placed in our Hustle […]

Another religious figure has been caught up in a gay sex scandal. Pastor Vaseline from The Church Of The Glistening Man is addressing the sex scandal going on his church as well as the scandal surrounding Bishop Eddie Long. Every week we select our pick of the hottest content from today’s entertainment & arts movers […]

Comedian LaVell Crawford talks about the Rick Ross sex tape, Eddie Long’s hot mess and getting a vasectomy.

Bishop Eddie Long made an appearance on Ludacris' 2006 album, Release Therapy, on the song "Freedom Of Preach." Listen to the song now!

Bishop Eddie Long introduces a new dance to the congregation in this video posted to YouTube last year, the