Despite being accused of having inappropriate sexual relationships with multiple young men, Bishop Eddie Long and his flock of worshipers are moving full speed ahead with their Spirit & Truth Conference. One of Long’s victims isn’t too pleased about it and is doing what he can to stop it.

Eddie Long’s former lover Centino Kemp slammed Bishop Eddie Long and his church for having their annual church function in the Bahamas. Kemp was born and raised on the isle and wonders how Long was allowed to even have a Christian function in the Caribbean due to his tawdry past. Centino Kemp took to twitter to vent his frustrations with the situation, saying, “How the hell that man feel he can have a SPIRIT & TRUTH CONFERENCE 2012 in the Bahamas you really got f**king balls.”

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Kemp was one of the five men Bishop Eddie Long paid off to keep quiet about their homosexual actions with Bishop Long.  Kemp went back to the Bahamas to get away from Bishop Long and is taking Long’s church conference taking place on the island as disrespectful. Do you think Centino Kemp has a right to be mad?



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