bobbito garcia

Chances are if you were a hip-hop fan in the ’90s, you were bound to know the following two names: Stretch Armstrong & Bobbito. Ask anyone from that era about them, and they will probably tell you about having cassette tapes with recordings of their radio show. Or perhaps tales about being up until 5 am listening to them, and […]

DJ, hardtop basketball player and Rock Steady crew member Bobbito Garcia knows his kicks. It 2006 the New York native penned the book “Where’d You Get Those?: New York City’s Sneaker Culture: 1960-1987” and he served as host of ESPN2’s “It’s the Shoes” segment. RELATED: Bobbito Garcia’s “Doin’ It In The Park” Shows Love To Blacktop […]

In the next edition of’s “My First Car” radio legend Bobbito Garcia tells us about his first–and only–car a 1987 Honda Accord that he bought for $5,000. “It was the worst!” he tells “The radiator would break down. I had to replace this and that. And in the 1990s there were a lot […]

  Pick-up basketball has been a mainstay in New York City’s 5 boroughs and in cities around the country for decades.  Though it’s been through a mainstream metamorphosis via the And 1 explosion, new documentary “Doin It In The Park,” a film by French director Kevin Couliau and New York renaissance man Bobitto Garcia, seeks […]