Celebrity pals Brandy and Serena Williams will both be making guest star appearances on Lifetime’s hit drama, Drop Dead Diva. In the episode, the tennis star will play a high profiled lawyer who aids the R&B singer’s character fight a case against her ex-boyfriend who owns his own law firm and is Jane’s (the main […]

During her appearance on Access Hollywood, Brandy revealed that her brother Ray J is still trying to cope with the death of Whitney Houston. As the R&B singer and actress explained, Ray is specifically having trouble dealing with all the rumors about his relationship with Whitney and whether or not he sent her down a […]

Writer Patricia Sheridan of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette interviewed Brandy and during their discussion the singer-actress expressed her passion about about her forthcoming album. Brandy also reflected on what may or may not have saved the life of Whitney Houston. Excerpts: You have an album coming out. I do. “Two Eleven” is coming out in August. […]

R&B singer Brandy is your favorite R&B singer’s favorite R&B singer. She is also very outspoken on the state of R&B music. She feels R&B singers need to bring R&B back and abandon the Euro-dance vibe they have going on. Recently, Brandy gave an interview with Kempire Radio where she expressed her desire to have […]

Could the professional friendship between Brandy and Monica be over already? Brandy spoke to a blog about her upcoming album Two Eleven and the reunion with Monica fourteen years after their initial hit “The Boy Is Mine.” During that interview, Brandy was asked about a possible tour with Monica. Brandy is a little hesitant to […]

The news Donna Summer passing is still fresh. While many are saddened by the passing because of her style and grace, we will always remember her for her musical contribution. Part of that contribution is the artists she inspired directly or indirectly. In remembrance of the Queen of Disco, The Urban Daily is running down […]

You would assume that someone who had huge success as an R&B star more in line with the tradition of the genre might take issue with the Europop turn many of her contemporaries have taken. However, Brandy says when it comes to the pop and dance trends of R&B, “Music is free.” Meanwhile, speaking with […]

Unfortunately, tragedy continues to strike the cast of the celebrated 90s sitcom, Moesha. Already the Brandy-starring comedy series has seen the lost of Merlin Santana and Lamont Bentley to murder and a fatal car accident, respectively. Now comes word that another key actor – Yvette Wilson – is suffering from cancer and in need of […]

Monica and Brandy are gracing the cover of EBONY’s new music-themed issue and inside, Brandy is talking about her desire to marry her boyfriend in addition to the rumors about her brother, Ray J. Brandy on the status of her relationship with her boyfriend: I wish we were engaged. He’s taking a little long on […]

After four years, Brandy is back with a new album, significantly titled Two Eleven (her birthday and the day that her mentor–Whitney Houston died). After much speculation, Brandy finally released the second single off the project–“Put It Down”–featuring Chris Brown. It may be just the hit Brandy needs to catapult her career back into second […]

R&B star Brandy opened up about her journey from a young girl with a dream to being a teenager who sold 20 million records on her episode of ‘Behind the Music.’ Though the whole episode of Brandy’s ‘Behind the Music’ was a roller coaster of emotions, the most touching segment came when Brandy reflected on […]

R&B singer Brandy is revealing more than just secrets about her fake marriage. She’s finally opening up about her relationship with Boyz II Men member Wanya Morris. In her upcoming episode of Behind The Music, Brandy shares how the pressures of hiding her relationship with Wanya ruined it. Besides the fact of the couple hiding […]