Lamar Odom just got some good news on his road to rehab after a near brush with death inside a Las Vegas brothel. Doctors are telling the championship ex-NBA baller he’ll survive with months of hard work, and his ex Khloe is planning to be there for the entire ride. According to sources close to the […]

When your family makes it clear that they don’t like the person you plan to marry, you better make sure your family members aren’t as vindictive as one British man’s sister. When a British woman couldn’t get her brother to call off his wedding to a woman she deemed not good enough for him, she took […]

Auto-tune afficianado T-Pain has been in a war of words with another soldier of auto-tune. He and Future haven’t had the most pleasant things to say about each other since Future made his way into  the game. Most don’t even know how or why the beef originated. T-Pain finally explained when he sat down for […]