Strip clubs don’t play around when they don’t get their money. Former NFL player Bryant McKinnie recently learned that lesson the hard way after he was sued in 2012 for racking up about $375,000 tab in South Florida. When news first broke, McKinnie called the lawsuit bogus. However, McKinnie just settled the “bogus” lawsuit for $150,000. According to […]

Serena Williams is known for beasting on the tennis court while rocking the tightest outfits the sport has ever seen. Williams is now attempting to be the champion of female rap. Like on Facebook to stay updated with the latest entertainment news and original interviews! It was reported Serena Williams had been in the […]

The Baltimore Ravens hopefully are paying lineman Bryant McKinnie a nice piece of change. He’s going to need every cent of it. Bryant McKinnie is being sued for $4.3 million for defaulting on paying back a huge loan. When McKinnie was playing for the Minnesota Vikings, he took out a loan for four million dollars […]