T.I. has been on the road promoting his new album with little to no drama at all – until Monday night, that is.

Just when you thought Drake couldn’t take another W today, he comes through in the bottom of the ninth. Earlier this morning, Drake dropped a song with the cover image of Joe Carter during a World Series walk-off home run. It’s also worth mentioning that the Toronto Blue Jays defeated the Philadelphia Phillies that year. […]

It pays to be nice to people because you never know when you’ll need them for something. Well, what the late George Ferguson needed was an ally in his family to write a decent obituary about him. Ferguson’s obituary was posted on the Canadian newspaper  Times Colonist‘s website. The obituary describes George Ferguson the type […]

While Drake is busy putting the finishing touches on his third album “Nothing Was The Same,” he is also getting his executive on. Drake has introduced us to PARTYNEXTDOOR who is the first artist signed to Drizzy’s OVO Sound  label. PARTYNEXTDOOR is a 19-year-old singer/producer from Mississauga, Ontario. The young man wrote and produced each […]

     Three Canadian teen girls were accused of running a prostitution ring last year have just now plead guilty to the crime. No one knows why they started pimping exactly, but let’s take a look at everything they did. It just might blow your mind. MUST READ: The Steubenville Rape Case And What Social Media […]

Game ran into a bit of trouble while trying to cross the border into Canada today. After being held-up in customs for 3 hours, Game has been detained by officials and will be held for 14 days.