Three Canadian teen girls were accused of running a prostitution ring last year have just now plead guilty to the crime. No one knows why they started pimping exactly, but let’s take a look at everything they did.

It just might blow your mind.

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It all started on Facebook where two of the girls met another girl they forced into prostitution, according to Ottawa Citizen. The new “friend” was then told that she was going to be an escort.

She was forced to pose in nude photos, had her clothes stolen and was picked up by a john with a bikini fetish who dressed her in a pink bathing suit and raped her.

When she was returned two hours later, the $180 she was paid was taken from her. She was told she hadn’t earned enough and was sent to see another john, who sent her home in a cab instead when she started crying.

One of the lady pimps even took to Twitter to let everyone know that she had 99 problems and the h*es were every single one.

“Ain’t no problem like a hoe problem,” tweeted one of the 15-year-old accused that night. “I’ve got hoe problemssss.”

In earlier Tweets, the same 15-year-old accused claimed she was the “female bill gates.”

“I’m getting to tha money, n tha money getting to me,” she boasted.

They recruited two more girls and forced them to go through the same things. When one was sent on a job, she tried to run away but one of the girls chased after her, held her down, and hit her in the face.

“She’s on my time. She goes home when I’m ready to go home,” one of the 15-year-old accused allegedly said.

It will definitely be interesting to see how this all goes down, or even what their defense will be in this case. And what have I said before? Stop tweeting and putting stuff on social media if you don’t want to get caught! Not that these girls should be doing it (if they did), but c’mon. Cover those tracks. You never really know what kids know about until it’s done.

What do you guys think of the situation?

(Spotted on VICE)

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