The problem with people when they get angry is they like to tear up their own stuff. I’m sorry, but if you do me dirty and I don’t know how to react but to start smashing fragile home decor, best believe it’s going to be at your house and your home decor will be […]

R&B bad boy Chris Brown is in a crazy legal situation. The Los Angeles Prosecutors Office is looking to take Breezy to court for the minor car accident he was recently in despite the victim saying she doesn’t ant him to be prosecuted. Breezy was involved in a minor accident with a woman in Los […]

  Every time DMX seems like he’s getting his life together, something happens to knock him back a few steps. After being arrested earlier in the week, the former platinum-selling rapper filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in a New York City court July 29. According to reports from The Wall Street Journal, the man known […]

  They say good looking people can get away with murder by flashing a smile or by simply being attractive. Being that, I’m no Boris Kodjoe, I wouldn’t know. My average looks have never gotten me out of anything. However, a woman’s pretty face got her out of a potentially serious situation with rapper The […]

                How’s this for comforting? A woman, whose son was killed when his truck was hit by a train, is being sued by the railroad company. To make matters even worse, she was served with the lawsuit on the second anniversary of her son’s death. Sharon Jobson of  London, Ontario, Canada was slapped with the […]