How’s this for comforting? A woman, whose son was killed when his truck was hit by a train, is being sued by the railroad company. To make matters even worse, she was served with the lawsuit on the second anniversary of her son’s death.

Sharon Jobson of  London, Ontario, Canada was slapped with the $500,000 lawsuit earlier in the week. She’s being sued for half a million dollars for what the rail company, CN Rail, calls damage and inconvenience. Jobson’s 22-year-old son John was killed in 2011 when his truck collided with a train as he was waiting to cross the double train tracks. CN Rail alleges John Jobson was negligent when he failed to stop his vehicle at one of the track crossings which caused the accident. There were 116 people on the train at the time of the crash and only six were actually injured.

During the subsequent investigation, the Transportation Safety Board did say that John Jobson didn’t stop where was supposed to, but they also noted that the stop sign was obscured from view because of the growing weeds surrounding the sign. The Transportation Safety Board also said the train’s horn was in compliance with the updated standards.

However, CN Rail claims John Jobson is completely responsible for the crash and his subsequent death. CN Rail says John Jobson was an incompetent driver who was speeding and didn’t brake when he heard a train horn. They also say they were forced to pay for repairs to the track and lost money when they had to close the line for accident clean up.

Sharon Jobson’s lawyer says they chose not to sue the train company despite their beliefs of the rail company’s faulty equipment. However, they do have the option to file a countersuit. The rail company says they won’t comment on the lawsuit in the media because it is ongoing litigation. Hopefully, Sharon Jobson’s attorneys are able to get the lawsuit thrown out.



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