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  Black girls rock, and one of the largest comic book companies has seemingly heard the message. Marvel Comics is reviving one of its more obscure superheroes called Devil Dinosaur and Moon Boy, but this time the comic dynasty is adding some diversity to it. Instead of having the character Moon Boy as an ape-like sidekick, the […]

  Kevin Feige, Director of Marvel studios, recently told BlackTreeTV that a “Black Panther” movie was “absolutely in development,” but added that he didn’t know exactly when it would be created. RELATED: Michael Jai White On “Black Dynamite” Cartoon: We Were Being Ridiculous! [EXCLUSIVE] Bringing the story of T’Challa, the scientist, martial artist and African ruler […]

  Actor Michael Jai White is built like a comic book hero, so it only makes sense that he gravitates towards roles that make the best use of his martial arts training and near zero percent body fat. In 1997 he became the first African-American comic book star to hit the big screen in Todd […]

TV spin-offs of movies rarely succeed but “For Better Or Worse” is back for its third season with America’s favorite couple, Marcus and Angela (Michael Jai White, Tasha Smith).   In the first two installments of “Why Did I Get Married,”  Marcus and Angela brought the laughs with their constant putdowns and bickering,  but now […]

Every rapper takes pride in his ability to paint pictures with words. So it’s fitting that one of the world’s most famous MC’s has decided to take that ability to heart. Darryl “DMC” McDaniels, one third of the legendary group Run DMC has decided that after years of being a fan of comic books that […]

When Greg Weisman and Brandon Vietti pitched the idea of an animated series about a group of superhero sidekicks, you could practically feel fan boys and girls around the world give them the collective side eye.   They needn’t have worried as Weisman was a seasoned pro; he created the 90’s cartoon classic “Gargoyles”  as well […]

A new comic book from Street Legends Inc and Over The Edge Books called “L.A. 3000” has been released. The comic covers a post apocalyptical Los Angeles, after a nuclear holocaust. The artwork was done by the Mad Twinz Mike and Mark Davis, who previously created the critically accliamed “Blokhedz” comic and the story was […]

A few years ago When the X-Men Origins:Wolverine movie was announced the comic nerds at TheUrbandaily paired our favorite rappers with their mutant counterparts. Now our friends at have taken some Marvel Comics favorites and imagined them as a MCs.  Kanye West might be a  Monster but is Lil Weezy really unbreakable? Check out […]

Dwayne McDuffie, legendary black comic book pioneer has died. Read more at NewsOne Check Out These Joints Too Mighty Casey “Crackhead Superheroes” [VIDEO] Art Gallery Celebrates History Of Black Superheroes

With Hollywood looking for new ways to make a dollar the re-boot of comic-based films is becoming more common. After the Batman series was reborn as The Dark Knight and Superman was given a new millennium makeover now even Spider Man will go back to the drawing board with an all new cast.