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Okay…so for those who don’t remember the verse that sent shock waves around the world let us give you a quick refresher. Kendrick Lamar was featured on a song called “Control” a few months back in which he took shots at other rappers in the industry. Some came back quickly and let him have it…actually […]

  A few months have passed and Kendrick Lamar is still the topic of discussion due to his “Control” verse. In case you forgot, Kendrick dropped a few notable names including Meek Mill, J. Cole and yes, even former Lakers’ head coach Phil Jackson. In a recent interview, Phil Jackson was asked why he responded […]

People are still talking about Kendrick Lamar‘s “Control” verse (kind of). Still, not many of the people he called out in the song made their responses — except Phil Jackson. In a recent interview with Seth Davis for Campus Insiders, the famed zen basketball coach explained what he meant in his tweet. “The connection between basketball […]

  Weeks after Kendrick Lamar’s “Control” verse sparked a lyrical battle among rappers, Meek Mill finally decided to respond to the Cali native on his “Ooh Kill Em (Kendrick Diss).” Unfortunately, Meek’s bars did not reach the standards his fans may have had for him and we completely agree. Listen to Meek Mill’s response below. […]

  After causing a battle of lyricism after releasing his verse to Big Sean‘s “Control,” Kendrick Lamar addressed his verse with Hot 97’s Peter Rosenberg. According to the TDE rapper, he listened to all of the responses and received positive feedback from the ‘kings of New York.’ “It made me go back in and feel […]

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  In a recent interview with Miss Info Nas was asked what he thought about Kendrick Lamar’s verse on Big Sean’s  “Control” song as well as what he thought about Kendrick dubbing himself as the “King Of New York”.  Take a look at what the poet laureate of spit had to say regarding the matter below. […]

New York rapper Papoose must not have heard that you never bite the hand that feeds you. He recently released his response to Kendrick Lamar‘s verse on Big Sean‘s record “Control” where he called the California MC a joke. Despite Pap showing Kendrick a little bit of love in the beginning for letting him perform […]

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  We have got to give it to him, Big Sean was on some strategic stuff if this song really came together the way he claims it did! For him to get Kendrick’s verse, see what it was and NOT go back in the booth or try to chop it up says a lot about […]