2 Milly came through to see #TheFam and during his interview with Lil Mo, taught her how to do his famous “Milly Rock.” You, too, can…


Chris Brown always makes sure to leave his fans wanting more, and those in attendance of his Bridgeport, Connecticut tour stop got much more than…

Disney’s Magic Kingdom has always been a go-to spot for kids to check out their favorite Disney characters, but now rap fans have a reason to check out Florida’s fairy tale village. Need a pick-me-up? Mr. Incredible and Elastigirl of The Incredibles were spotted by Disney parkgoer Shauna Sandiford Patterson dancing to one of this […]

We know this video is old, but it’s always refreshing to see Kanye West having fun and smiling. And, honestly, who can sit still when you hear A-Ha’s “Take On Me”? Right, it’s impossible. Watch below. MUST SEE: Why So Serious? 11 Pics Of Kanye Looking Miserable Since Kim Kardashian’s Pregnancy Like on Facebook! MORE […]

When it was announced there would be a second posthumous album coming from Michael Jackson, there was a mixed reaction. Some were excited at getting another piece of the King of Pop even if it was through old demos being pieced together in to an album. Others were a skeptical because they weren’t sure how […]

The differences in culture leaves lots of space for misinterpretation. Usain Bolt’s fun trip to Trinidad for Carnival is sparking some American misinterpretation. The misinterpretation has led to some support from a surprise ally R&B singer Ne-Yo. The Olympic gold medalist was spotted at a Carnival celebration dancing with a woman. The dance that Bolt […]

ABC recently revealed the cast for the 18th season of their hit competition reality show “Dancing With The Stars.” While most of the cast are Olympians and former child stars, this season finds legendary actor Billy Dee Williams and Bravo reality star NeNe Leakes joining the cast as well. The cast of the show was […]

When Barack Obama took office in 2009, his wife Michelle Obama made it a point to get involved with the cause of childhood obesity. She is a strong supporter of ending the epidemic through exercise and healthy eating habits. When the campaign first started, Mrs. Obama recruited Beyonce to remix her song “Get Me Bodied” […]

It was a big night for Jimmy Fallon this past Monday. Fallon took over hosting duties on “The Tonight Show.” And in his normal fashion, Jimmy had plenty of surprises for his big premiere. For one of Jimmy Fallon’s big surprises, the comedian donned his best denim overalls and 90s pattern shirt and decided to […]

  Recent NFL Hall of Fame inductee Warren Sapp is a man of many talents. After being inducted into the Hall of Fame, Sapp went to a party and busted some epic dance moves. Warren Sapp entered the party rocking his Hall of Fame jacket and just enjoying the festivities when the DJ called Sapp […]