David Banner

Three of the greatest talents of the South team up with an angelic voice from the UK on this hot track.

It comes as a shocker sometimes when radio or television stations ban artist’s music or videos because of overly provocative lyrics or content. Sometimes it is a very reasonable ban and then there are some songs that somehow make it past the radar.

David Banner & 9th Wonder’s long awaited Death of a Pop Star album has seemingly been in the works for forever, but with the album dropping November 9th, more solid details about the record are now starting to come out!

Weight loss is big business and celebrities are no exception. While the world went Planters over 50 Cent’s rapid weight loss photos for an up-coming movie roll, we thought about some other celebrities who’ve shaved off a pound…or thirty in the never-ending battle of the bulge.

David Banner & 9th Wonder’s Death of a Pop Star album can’t seem to come out fast enough.

Award winning producer 9th Wonder has recently begun teaching a course at Duke University.