dear white people

The first look at Netflix's remake of the 2014 hit film Dear White People is finally here.

'Dear White People' is going from the silver screen to the Netflix screen.

After Straight Outta Compton broke the box office, rumors about a sequel started circulating. It looks like the gossip may be true, as alleged photos…

Dear White People writer and director Justin Simien clearly has a hit on his hands. His film has gotten people of all races addressing the uncomfortable elephant in the room: the frustrations and setbacks of race in our “post-modern” world. The Houston native stopped by 97.9 The Box this morning to discuss the film. He […]

First-time writer/director Justin Simien’s highly anticipated film “Dear White People” debuted in very limited release this weekend, just 11 theaters, but that didn’t stop it from drawing in some surprisingly big numbers, according to Box Office Mojo.      Crowds reacted in a big way, propelling the satirical film to a $344K opening weekend. That may not […]

With the growing number of reports from around the country of law enforcement officials murdering black men, the discussion dubiously waters down to the “black-on-black” crime rate as some kind of justification for the devaluation of life. The oft-quoted statistic that the “majority of crime against blacks is perpetrated by other blacks” leaves out an […]