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Either Yeezy doesn’t care who hears the still-a-work-in-progress songs off of 808’s & Heartbreak or someone’s being really naughty at the Def Jam offices. Previously: R. Kelly, “Love Lockdown” (Remix)

Def Jam executive vice president Shakir Stewart committed suicide yesterday in Atlanta.

The Yonkers born-and-bred rapper known as Jadakiss has been forced to change the name of his upcoming solo album after receiving negative feedback from retailers. The album, formerly titled <em>Kiss My Ass</em> has been officially changed to <em>The Last Kiss</em>.

LL Cool J is more machine than man. After compiling a resume that consists of numerous albums, 24 movies and his own television show, the man known as James Todd Smith is readying his latest (and possibly last) Def Jam release with Exit 13. Hip-hop’s ironman has been able to withstand the test of time and fairweather […]