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Transexual, Toni Newman is alleging that he had sex with rapper LL Cool J after LL picked him up on a prostitute strip “Tranny Row.” Toni says that LL Cool J knew that he was a man and paid him $500. Toni says he took a polygraph test to validate the allegations. Mister Cee was […]

Eddie Murphy will be honored with the “Comedy Icon Award” at the inaugural Comedy Awards to air on April 10th on Comedy Central and many other Viacom owned networks.

Twitter should be arrested for the amount of people it kills every year. After “taking” the life of Morgan Freeman several weeks ago the social network was buzzing with news of comedian and actor Eddie Murphy dying in a ski accident. The awful rumor surfaces almost every year  and for some reason people keep believing […]

Over the years we’ve seen more than our fair share of movies aimed towards the black audience.

With Halloween just around the corner, ’tis the season for a good scary movie.

Eddie Murphy’s 1989 film Harlem Nights had all the makings of a blockbuster film — an all star cast including Richard Pryor, Redd Foxx, Arsenio Hall, Della Reese, Jasmine Guy, and Danny Aiello, but ultimately theater goers were disappointed by the film.

We’ve seen Eddie Murphy with a number of girls since his split with Nicole. This time he brought a brand new one to the Lakers game.

The folks at FunnyorDie.com share their theory on why brothers Charlie and Eddie Murphy don’t work together more in movies.