Killer Mike and El-P have released a new Run the Jewels song in the wake of Trump’s election. The song features Jordan Asher aka Boots, who can also be heard on Run the Jewels 2. “For our friends. For our family. For everyone who is hurting or scared right now,” the duo said in an […]

Killer Mike recently weighed in on whether or not he believes Kanye West is the “greatest living rock star in the world.” During an interview with British graffiti artist and political activist Banksy for The Guardian, Killer Mike threw in an unlikely comparison. “Kanye [West] is amazing and may be the greatest rock star in […]

Fantastic Four is about to get the Run the Jewels treatment. El-P from the duo composed music for the end credits of the Marvel film. Josh Tank, the movie’s director, tweeted about the “incredible instrumental” El-P made for the film. El-P will join the ranks of RZA and Pharrell Williams, who’ve scored films previously. Fantastic […]


Killer Mike and El-P have their hands full for the new year as they plan on creating their next Run The Jewels project, Meow The Jewels. The effort, which began as a joke, is now a full-fledged project with backing from fans. “In January, we begin constructing Meow The Jewels,” El-P said via Twitter. “Updates soon.” Although the […]


“We’re going to burn this motherfucker to the ground.” Killer Mike grabbed the microphone and hold of the crowd in NYC for a set of sold out shows, and never let go until he dropped it.      Stage 48 was rocked to its foundations by hardcore hip-hop duo Run The Jewels. The duo, consisting of emcee […]

  Killer Mike & El-P link up for another Run The Jewels collaboration.   The 11-track project isn’t as heavy on features as it is substance. Stream it below, then head on over to iTunes to make your purchase.   Like on Facebook!

When Killer Mike aka Mike Bigga linked with El-P to make “R.A.P. Music” in 2012 the collaboration yielded an incredible album. They followed that project up christening themselves as a duo named “Run The Jewels” with another head-splitting collection of beats and rhymes. The close to that self-titled album is a “kick you in the […]