Ok, hate is a strong word, especially this close to Dr. King’s birthday. But when you get three talents like Talib Kweli, Phonte and Elzhi on one track it makes it hard to tolerate paint-by-numbers by one-hit-wonders.  For this first cut from 9th Wonders’ upcoming “Jamla Is The Squad” compilation, the three wordsmiths put a […]

If you're a fan of Phonte, Little Brother, or 9th Wonder, you'll probably like this new song featuring Elzhi called "Not Here Anymore." If you're not a fan, you'll at least be able to appreciate the way 9th flipped the sample of "Love Don't Live Here Anymore" by Rose Royce.

While some rappers boo-hoo about paying homage some MCs actually get what that means. Elzhi, one of  the most tragically underrated MCs alive,  is finally releasing his long rumored mixtape, “ELmatic,” a tribute to Nas’ classic Illmatic. What makes this more than just someone spitting over another rappers beats, El enlisted the help of a […]

HOTHIPHOPDETROIT – Elzhi breaks down the art of his patterns on Motown 25, which featured Royce Da 5’9 off the tour CD ‘Euro pass’ or the Preface. In this video he speaks about rhyming inside of rhymes.

It’s never easy holding together a group in hip-hop and few know this better than T-3 of Slum Village.

It’s been a rough road for the members of Slum Village.

eLZhi, no explanation needed. One of hip hop’s greatest emcee’s took the time out to speak with me.

For many fans of Little Brother, “Hiding Place” was one of the shining moments of their critically acclaimed sophomore LP, The Minstrel Show. You had Phonte and Big Pooh teaming up with a  lyrical juggernaut like Slum Village’s Elzhi making it one of the most anticipated team-ups since Marvel Vs. Capcom.

While out promoting his new album, The Preface, Slum Village’s Elzhi checked in with the Urban Daily to talk about Detroit hip-hop, cashing checks from Chevy and preserving the legacy of the late J-Dilla.